Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Clapp for #172

One of the main areas of my Cardinals collection is autographed cards.  I try to get one card of every Cardinal who has a certified auto.  I am not too picky about the brand, but the player must be pictured in a Cardinals uniform.  I love hunting down the more obscure autos from sets like 1996 Leaf Signature.  While I love having 10 different Matt Adams auto, I also get enjoyment out of 1 Joe McEwing auto.  Last week I won a card on EBAY for $5 delivered that made the 172nd different Cardinals player I have a certified auto from.

2001 Bowman's Best Stubby Clapp

Richard Keith "Stubby" Clapp played a total of 23 games with the Cardinals during the 2001 season, hitting .200 with 1 rbi.  He bounced around the minor leagues, but never made it back to the Majors.  He is currently the hitting coach for the Blue Jays Double A team.

Clapp is somewhat of a cult hero in Memphis.  He played for the Cardinals Triple A team from 199-2002.  He would do a backflip every time he went onto the field.  He was the first player to have his number retired by Memphis.


  1. Love the concept-I guess I find myself doing the something-wasn't really a plan but alas it is what I am doing. Could you put a list of the ones you have under your want lists? When I get one I already have I would be happy to pass on to ya.

    1. List is added. Would be glad to trade with you anytime!