Monday, November 12, 2018

Something Old for Something New

When I think of vintage cards, I tend to think of cards that are older than me.  In my case, that is anything before 1976.  I do collect vintage Cardinals for my team sets, but it is not a high priority right now.  I am not that well schooled on the various short prints of certain years.  The money factor also comes into play. What vintage I do have is far from mint, but even the beaters can be pricey at times.  I have managed to accumulate a few doubles along the way that are in pretty poor condition.  It can be hard trading these sometimes, but I was lucky to find The Bench member dragonslayer913 working on a 1971 Topps set that could be in any condition.  I set him my Cardinals doubles in exchange for quite a few hits to some recent sets.

Topps put out a number of different factory sets in 2011.  These are from the Diamond Anniversary version. 

These may look like regular 2013 Topps cards, but they are the mini version.  These cards were only available for purchase through the Topps website. 

Donruss Elite was one of my favorite brands back when they had logos.  The 2015 version leaves a lot to be desired. 

I prefer the 2017 Bowman Platinum design on the bottom over the 2018 design.  The colorful wave against the black background is not good.  The 2017 Carpenter finished up a team set.

This trade brought my first 2018 Panini Chronicles and Topps Update cards.  Chronicles will be a tough set to finish, but I have seen a ton of Update breaks so that one should not be very difficult.  I am done to needing 5 more 2018 Allen & Ginter Cardinals.  

I still need 10 more 2018 Archives Cardinals.  I love the big team set that also includes greats like Cepeda.  

Finishing out the package are a couple of 2018 inserts.  I have read on numerous sites that Hicks could be the Cardinals closer next year.  I would be shocked if they gave that role to a 22 year old with only one season of experience above Double A.  A few blown saves in a short period of time could destroy his confidence.  Bader has a very good chance of being the starting center fielder next season barring a trade.  I love his all out style of play in the outfield and on the bases.  He has an old school quality about him, just with more flare.

Friday, November 9, 2018

TCDB Trade

I have been rather lazy this past week when it comes to trading.  My time has been occupied with junior high basketball games and trying to complete a 1000 piece puzzle.  I was able to finish the puzzle last night, so maybe next week will bring a few more trades.  The one trade I did complete arrived yesterday from TCDB member 860502.

Not too many recognizable names in this group of 1989 Star cards.  Eversgerd had been a coach in the Cardinals system for quite a while before being promoted to the bullpen coach this year. 

I am not for sure who manufactured the Zeile card.  The back just says Baseball's Hottest Hitters with his 1989 stats.  The Brock is a Starting Lineup card from 1998. 

I have never heard of 2005 Upper Deck Flyball before I received these 2 cards.  The Pujols is nothing special, but the Gibson legend card has a great sepia style photo.

There are still a ton of 2018 Topps base inserts that I do not have, but these 3 put a small dent in my want list.  I like the foil parallel this year more than the gold cards.   

Friday, November 2, 2018

PWE to Brighten the Day

I believe fall has finally hit in my area.  Wednesday and Thursday were both rainy and windy days.  You step outside and it just feels damp and cold.  I don't mind the cold, but it seems like it hit all at once this year.  With daylight savings time coming this weekend, it will be even worse.  I will drive to work in the dark, and drive home in the dark. On the positive side, less time spent outside means more time playing with cards.  First order of business will be digging in my Cardinals dupes box to repay Trading Bases/TCDB member Mark Z for a nice four pack of Cardinals I received yesterday.

I sound like a broken record, but I really hope to finish some of the 2018 team sets before the new year.  I still need 14 Archives Cardinals and 6 Fire cards. 

The other 2 cards were a 1985 Topps Rubdown and a 2006 Bowman Draft Gold card.  The Rubdown set can be hard to find in decent condition.  A lot of the backs peel off very easy.  If I ever get a duplicate Cardinal, I plan on taking a quarter and rubbing it off on one of my monster boxes.  I wonder how well it will stick after 30+ years.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Coke and Oz

My latest trade package came from TCDB member belijr.  This trade has to be one of my favorites in recent memory due to the great variety it contained.  I welcome any Cardinals base I need from the last few years, but it is the harder to find 1980s stuff that gets me excited more.

I have seen the 1981 Topps Coke set on EBAY many times, but never had the chance to trade for one. I already had the checklist and Bruce Sutter, so these 9 along with the Keith Hernandez that the trader is mailing will complete my set.  There were 12 teams that Coke produced sets for in 1981.  From what I can tell, the cards were distributed regionally in Coke products.

George Hendrick was about the only Cardinals player you could consider being big hitter in the early 1980s.  He appeared in the set from 1981-1984 Drake sets.

Other than the 1985 Leaf card, I could not identify the other 3 Ozzie cards by site.  The Green Classic Game card is from 1987, the Fleer Kay Bee Team Leaders is from 1988, and the Baseball Card Magazine is from 1989. 

Donruss All Star packs include these quirky pop up cards in the 1980s, this one from 1986.  I remember popping these and displaying them on my dresser as a kid.  They did not stand the test of time in my room.

As a kid I would go to my local SuperX drug store and buy packs of Sportsflics.  I did not care if there were packs of Topps, Fleer, or Donruss.  I loved the "magic motion" of these cards.  This 1987 Joe Magrane is from the Rookies subset.

I did score a few modern cards with these 3 2018 Heritage High Number Cardinals.  This was the last of the base Cardinals I needed, but I need all of the SPs.  Could be a while before this set gets done.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Card Show Report

It was a busy weekend for my family.  Friday night my daughter was planning to go to a Halloween dance, but it was cancelled due to the rain (dance was to be held outside).  Instead we made the 2 hour drive to the University of Illinois to watch the #7 ranked women's volleyball team.  The Illini beat #13 Michigan in 5 sets.  I will say the ladies can pound a volleyball.  I would have second thoughts about putting my 5'11" frame in front of one of their spikes. 

My wife wanted to go shopping on Saturday.  I was told half a day, but knowing her mom and sister were also going I had my doubts. We left the house about 7:30 and returned close to 5:00.  A little more than half a day by my standards.  I had planned to finish building a pitching mound for my son Saturday afternoon, but that had to wait until Sunday.  I was able it yesterday and he will try it out tonight. 

One positive about the shopping trip was there was also a card show in the same area.  My son and I had over 2 hours to kill at a small mall show with around 20 tables.  I have been to this show once earlier this year with a little luck, but knew that there would not be a lot of selection.  Lots of vintage, one dealer selling boxes, and a lot of general miscellaneous stuff.  I did notice a lot of nice display cases that did not have a single card priced.  This is one of my pet peeves when it comes to shows.  Anyway, I was able to find a few cards for my Cardinals collection and some trade bait.
There were no dime boxes to be found, but I did stumble across some quarter boxes.  All of these 2018 Topps cards are photo variations.  Not the most rare of cards, but for a quarter each somebody will most likely need them.

The same quarter boxes also had a bunch of former Cardinals.  Yes I spent money on mini cards that I love to hate.

I was too lazy to check my inventory on TCDB to see if I had these 2018 parallels.  I needed the Norris rainbow foil, but already had the Lynn.  At least it was only a 25 cent mistake.

The other dealer I bought from had a box of vintage Cardinals for 20% off the sticker price.  These 4 1970 Topps cards set me back $20, but all of them are in great shape minus one soft corner on the Carlton card.  The Cardenal is one of those high number short prints.  Despite what my scanner did to the photo, all have great centering.  This knocked my team set down to needing just one card that the dealer did not have.  Maybe I will be able to track it down before the end of the year. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Just the Inserts

It is rare that I do not work out a trade that includes base cards.  I am far from being a high-end collector.   As a result, most of my trades are in the $10-20 range.  Collecting team base sets is one of my main goals, but I will not turn away a good insert.  My latest trade from TCDB Hundomatic was full of just inserts.

You can always count on Heritage to feature the Flashbacks and Then & Now inserts.  The Topps Game card Weaver was a nice change of pace.  I am not a huge fan of it, but props for honoring the 1968 design.

The Tape Measue Blasts is my favorite of this group of Topps inserts from 2015, although none of them are that great.  I am a fan of retired players being featured on current issues, but the Schoendienst Highlight is not a great design.  The Adams First Home Run card is the silver parallel, one of the many colored variations of inserts from that set which were not needed.

I guess I lump parallel cards with inserts.  This 2017 Bowman Chrome refractor is numbered to 499.  Topps was close with the uniform number air brush.  Flaherty wears #32.

The main card in the trade was this Molina Spring Training relic.  I have no strong opinion on the manufactured cards.  I will take them, but will not go out of my way to find them.  This one will be displayed with the ball Molina threw my son at Spring Training this year.     

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

5 Minute Post

For my 5 minute post, I have one card to show off from an EBAY win over the weekend.

My first 2018 Bowman Chrome card is this Helsley auto.  Helsley finished the year in Triple A and should have a shot to make it to St. Louis some time next year.  He is a starter, but I would guess he will come up as a reliever just like Dakota Hudson this year.  He throws in the upper 90s, so he should be well suited for short stints.  This card knocked off one of my goals for this year as it was the 5th autograph of a new Cardinals player in my collection.  It cost me $4.50 delivered, but most of that was in shipping.  It arrived in a one tough holder surrounded by 3 layers of bubble wrap inside a bubble mailer that was doubled over.  Not much chance of damage with that type of shipping.