Tuesday, September 15, 2020

2 For Tuesday

Seems like I have been talking a lot about the number 2 lately.  Whether it be the Cardinals playing doubleheaders, or getting 2 packages in the same day it has been happening very frequently.  This week the Cardinals have 3 doubleheaders.  They split yesterday with the Brewers, and also have 2 on Wednesday and Friday. 

On the trading card front, I had 2 packages arrive late last week from The Bench members.  The first one from member jdtakid36 contained 2 shortprints.

I love the photo on the 2019 Brock card.  From the sign I am guessing it was taken in 1977 when Brock broke Cobb's all time stolen base record.  The Altuve is a short print from 2015 Heritage.

The second package came from member 3greyhounds.

My 2020 Topps Chrome team set is now complete.  On to Allen & Ginter and Bowman Chrome.

I am more a fan of the colored refractors, but sepia is growing on me.  It was nice getting 4 of the 7 Cardinals in one trade. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

More of My Favorites

When you come to my blog , you know you are most likely only going to see 2 types of cards:  Cardinals and the occasional Jose Altuve.  Sounds like a strange combination, but you have to keep kids interested in collecting.  Even through the cheating scandal and his awful 2020 season so far, my son has continued his pursuit of Jose cards.  I will gladly help him add to it.  Last week a trade with TCDB member La Loosh  brought some cards for the both of us.

These 2 brings my son's Altuve collection up to 335.  I doubt if he reaches 400 before the end of the year, but 350 should be doable.

Torre is getting more cards in a Cardinals uniform this year.  He will be in the upcoming Allen & Ginter release later this week.  I love the 1980s Cardinals teams.  I doubt if you will ever see that style of baseball again.  Run and gun with less than 100 home runs a year. 

Wainwright has been cheating Fr. Time this year.  He just took his first loss over the weekend.  I am guessing he will come back next year for one more season than retire.  Maybe him and Molina will go out together.  Gibson may be the oldest living Cardinals HOF member now that Lou Brock passed away.  I have not heard much about him since he was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

I am sure you will see a bunch of new A&G minis on other blogs in the next couple of weeks.  I may even show one of my son feels the need to bust some packs this weekend.  That is if we are lucky enough to find any at the local Walmart.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A Couple of Smalls

Well the Cardinals did not quite take 4 of 5 from the Cubs.  I guess 3 is better than 2.  It was nice to see them sweep the doubleheader on Saturday.  This week holds more doubleheaders as the team plays catch up from Covid.  Two yesterday, off today, then 2 Thursday.

Keeping with the 2 theme, I received 2 small pwes over the weekend.  The first was an unexpected package from long time trading friend Mark Z.

I have never heard of the Title Town cards before.  Very sweet looking card though. 

Panini did a nice job of hiding the logos on the Gibson card.  I like the leaves in the background for the fall touch.  The Taylor is a 2014 buyback.  This one is in better condition than the original I have for my team set.

The second pwe came from The Bench member ripahl.

These 2 finished my 2020 Bowman 1st Edition team set.  Carlson was sent back down yesterday after not hitting that well.  I am not too concerned for his future though.  He should get a ton of playing time next year.

This scan is almost like a past, present and future for the Cardinals.  Still hard to believe Mr. Brock is no longer with us.

Monday, September 7, 2020

RIP Sweet Lou Brock

I was pretty excited to sit down and watch the Cardinals Cubs game last night.  A few minutes into the pregame show, news broke that Cardinals HOF Lou Brock had passed away.  That put a big damper on the evening.  Mr. Brock had been battling numerous health issues the last few years, but had seemed to be doing ok.  Goes to show anything can change in a blink of an eye.  Here are a few of my favorite Brock items.

I have 2 Brock autographs in my collection.  Both on card and both very beautiful.

I have 7 different Brock game used cards. Love the baby blue swatch.

I never had the opportunity to get Brock's autograph in person.  He signed quite a few times at different events in St. Louis, but I never was able to attend.  Not sure when I bought this PSA authenticated ball off EBAY, but I do remember it was for $45.

Another EBAY purchase was this Playoff Absolute Signing Bonus.  I believe this was around $20 back in 2003.

This was my second ever stadium bobblehead giveaway.  My wife and I attend this game back in June of 2004.

This 12 inch statue was a birthday gift from my sister when I was around 12 or 13.  She bought it a garage sale in Springfield, IL for $10.  I have neve seen another one like it.  I always thought I would have Brock sign it.

My family and I met Mr. Brock at the All-Star Fan Fest in Cincinnati in 2015.  I had taken the statue in hopes of getting an autograph, but time did not allow it.  He did take the time to thank us for driving 4 hours to see him and for wearing Cardinals red in enemy territory.  Thanks for all the great memories Lou!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Big Weekend

In a few more hours my 3 day weekend starts.  I have a few things on my to do list including keeping up with the Cardinals 5 game series with the Cubs.  If the Cardinals have any hope of winning the NL Central, they need to win at least 4 of the games.  I doubt that happens, but is should be a fun series to follow. 

While I am watching or listening to the games, I plan to file away the various card stacks on my desk.  I would guess I have around 200-250 Cardinals that I need to log in my spreadsheets and put away in their proper boxes.  Including in that total are some cards that arrived yesterday from TCDB member tkicker182.

I need one more card to finish my 2020 Archives set.  Of course that is not counting all the variations.

There are a ton of colors to chase in 2020 Donruss.  If the cards were a little more attractive, I would be tempted to complete a player rainbow.  Instead I will be content to add what Cardinals I can find.

I hope all 3 of these guys have a big weekend.  Carlson has yet to hit well, but maybe the friendly confines will help.  Flaherty gets the start tonight against Darvish in the best pitching matchup of the series.  Goldy had been great so far this year. 

Even though Goldschmidt has only been a Cardinals for 2 years, I am starting to accumulate quite a few of his cards.  This trade put my total at 73. 

This is one of the many Molina cards from 2019 Chronicles.  Love the looks of this one.

My son received some nice Altuves.  The Inception card was his favorite.  It is a lot easier filing these cards away as they go in his binder. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Golden Bench Trade

A few months ago I added numerous parallel sets to my want list on TCDB.  Two of the main ones were Topps Gold and Ultra Gold Medallion.  I have been getting quite a few of each in since then.  I have yet to complete any sets, but that should change eventually.  Every card is one step closer.  Last week I made a trade with The Bench member erdoro that brought me three steps closer.

The 1996 Ultra Cardinals Gold Medallion team set has 25 cards in it.  I know have 6 of them.  This one is going to take awhile.

I am even farther away on the 2003 Topps Gold set.  The Renteria card knocked my needs down to 28.  I am doing a little better on the 2008 Topps Gold set.  I only need 12 Cardinals. 

Switching from gold to bronze with this 1997 Leaf Fractal Matrix die cut.  This set can be very confusing with the different X, Y, or Z Axis cards.  The die cut patterns also vary.

Last week I showed off some 2002 40-Man cards from my latest Sportlots order.  Pujols leaves me 9 more to track down out of 44. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Bigg Cardinals Package

My favorite fellow Cardinals blogger Kerry recently sent me a large package full of Cardinals.  Some were from my want list, others were cards that I needed but were not on my list.  I really appreciate anyone who goes through my collection to see what I have.  Kerry has done this countless time.  I need to get off my lazy you know what and send him some Cardinals in return.

I never thought I would complete the 2017 Honus Bonus team set, but I am down to just 2 cards.  Somewhere Zach Duke and Jedd Gyorko are sitting in a box waiting for me.

These are my first 2019 A&G X cards.  A prime example of Kerry going to the trouble of looking at my have list since I did not have a want list for this set.  Bader helps to chip away at the Gold Hot Box set.

If you look too fast you will miss the All Star Game logo on these cards. 

One good thing about not being a huge mini card fan is that I still need a ton of them.  Wainwright hurled a complete game victory Sunday on his 39th birthday.  The old man still has it. 

Speaking of Waino, how about a couple of sweet refractors.  I love the orange Topps Chrome.  I think that  has something to do with being an Illinois Fighting Illini fan. 

I wonder if Topps will make Heritage Minors and Pro Debut sets in 2021.  I am sure they will come up with some way to crank them out.  Maybe push the release date to the middle of July.

Kerry set a nice stack of 2009 Cardinals Topps team set cards.  Who doesn't love a great Fredbird card.  The action shot on the Glaus card is great.

Some Prism cards are better than others.  The colored parallels from 2019 are so much better than the 2013 Rookie insert.  The Mikolas is a purple parallel despite what my scanner shows.

The Ozzie big head is one of many short prints from the 2009 Upper Deck Goudey set.  It will be awhile before that set is completed.

Finishing things off with some great oddball cards.  I had never heard of the 1992 Kodak Cooperstown set.  Same thing goes for the 1987 Nestle Hornsby card.  The Benes is an ultra rare 1994 Signature Rookies card with a print run of 20,000.  I guess that was something to brag about back then. 

Big thanks to Kerry for all the wonderful cards.  Hope to get something headed your way soon.