Monday, November 11, 2019

Not Even Close

I was beyond excited last week when a Ray Lankford card I needed was listed on EBAY.  Better yet it was a 1/1 from 1998 Flair.  I knew it was going to be expensive, but had no idea it would go for what it did.

 At that price I may have to consider listing some of my Lankford 1/1s.  

Friday, November 8, 2019

Finished One Set

With a little under 2 months left of 2019, I still have quite a few team sets to finish.  Some are sets with only short prints left like Heritage, but I also have sets like Topps Archives and Fire with just base cards.  I hope to knock out a few before 2020 rolls around.

I was able to finish one set with a recent trade package from TCDB member stoob.  This trade was my 250th completed transaction since I joined the site in January 2017. 

These 2 short prints finished my A&G team set.  Ozuna may be playing elsewhere next year, but I am guessing he will accept the qualifying offer and try to have a monster year to regain some free agent value.

I only had 1 2019 Optic Cardinals before this trade.  Only 7 more to go.

This is my first card from any of the Panini Chronicles brands.  This is one of the more boring designs.

The lone insert was a nice action shot of sweet Lou Brock.  I have lost track of the Cardinals included in the Greatest Seasons, Greatest Moments, Greatest whatever that Topps made this year.  I hope this set/sets do not return next year.   

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

One Card EBAY Win

I had a birthday the last weekend in October.  I am getting to the age where a nice dinner with the family is all I want.  I accomplished that for Sunday lunch.  I was not really interested in any of the NFL games that afternoon, so I decided to search EBAY for a birthday present to myself.  I was looking for a certified Cardinals autograph of a player I did not have.  It did not take long to find one.

Not the biggest of names, but for $4 delivered I was not going to pass it up.  Thomas was having nice rookie season before a wrist fracture ended his year.  The Cardinals will have a crowded outfield next year barring a trade or two this winter.  I would like to see Thomas get more playing time, but with Dexter Fowler, Jose Martinez, and Marcell Ozuna still on the team, I doubt that will happen. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Kerry Kills 2

My favorite Cardinals blogger, Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me an unexpected card package yesterday.  My son loves reading the return address and asking what is in the package.  This time I had no idea what to tell him but Cardinals. 

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I was close to completing the 2019 Update team set.  It is finished now thanks to some extras Kerry had from a group break.

He also sent the 2 1984 insert Cardinals from Update.  Love the powder blue uniform on the Goldy card.

I will not have to look for any more 2019 Bowman Chrome base cards.  Kerry started and finished the team set for me.  The Nolan Gorman is the highlight of this batch.  Even though it is not a rookie card, his cards are still a bit pricey.

I love these Stat Tracker inserts.  There are 3 more that I need to track down.  I think these will look awesome autographed.

The final card was a 2000 Aurora Pennant Fever insert.  I hate the background on this one.  The logo on the front is a plus. 

Big thanks to Kerry.  I hope to find some Cardinals to send your way soon.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

First Taste of Update

Congrats to the Washington Nationals.  It was a great series for any fan to watch.  Nice to see some fresh blood win, even though my son and I were rooting for Houston because of his Altuve affection.
Now that the season is over, cards can be pushed aside for some until 2020 Topps comes out.  Not me.  Yeck I have barely started some of the newer sets like 2019 Topps Update.  Long time trading friend Ron B. got me started on that set with his latest trade package.

There are only 7 Cardinals in the set.  I have 2 more incoming soon, so there will only be one more to track down.  The Edman is the big card out of this batch.  I know he had a pretty good rookie season, but some of the prices for his cards are crazy.  It reminds me of the Bo Hart and Joe McEwing craze years ago.  I hope Edman has a longer career than those 2.

Ron threw in some nice 2019 inserts.  The Donruss Mik card is numbered to 150 naturally.  I love the different Prizm variations this year.  This one is my first Pink card.

I received more than just pink parallels.  One purple and one plum frame Matt Carpenter card.  I am not sure what to think of Carp, but I do know next year will be very important to his future as a Cardinal.

The 2018 cards include were also colored.   The purple refractor is numbered to 250, the gallery is a wood/ canvas parallel form Topps Gallery.

My son came away with a couple of Altuve cards, although he already had the Donruss card.  I have found another Altuve collector on TCDB that we can swap doubles with, so this one will be headed out shortly.     

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Cool Trade

I have touched on this before in some previous posts, but I love seeing the unique usernames some collectors come up with on TCDB.  My latest trade envelope was courtesy of member aint56cool.  I am not sure why 56 is so cool, but I know he sent some nice Cardinals my way.  That makes him cool in my book.

Minor league cards are always cool with me, especially of guys who actually played for the Cardinals.  These 3 cards brought my 1992 Upper Deck Minors set down to needing 1 more card of Rene Arocha for completion.

I have seen the 1990 Collect a Book Ozzie Smith card, but never any from 1991 Line Drive.  I will have to track down the Lou Brock from this set to go along with Gibson.

1993 Action Packed is another set I know little about.  I traded for the Ken Boyer earlier this year, but still have 6 more Cardinals to track down.  Maybe I will get lucky and find them in a dime box someday.

I showed off a few 1996 Flair cards earlier this month. I added 3 more in this trade.  The top 2 are the gold foil, the Ozzie is from the silver set.       


Monday, October 28, 2019

Lots of Gloss

It has been a while since I received a big trade package.  My idea of big is more than 50 cards.  It  could be because of my lack of time the last few months, or the fact that I have not gotten much new trade material.  Sometimes you meet a trader who just loves to trade in bulk.  That was the case with TCDB member alh.  I sent a trade offer for about 30 cards going both ways.  He countered with an offer of  83 cards coming my way and 61 going his direction.  I jumped at the offer.  Nothing better than getting a huge chunk of new Cardinals.  The bulk of the trade consisted of cards from 4 sets.

I had a handful of 1987 Fleer Glossy cards before this trade.  Thanks to the 18 I received, I only need 2 more to complete the set.  It is hard to pick up the glossy finish from the scan, but easy to tell in hand.  Otherwise there is not difference between these cards and the regular set.   

The 1989 Fleer Glossy set is easier to distinguish from the regular set because of the stamp on the back.  Just like the 1987 set, the front is very glossy.  I received 25 of the 26 cards from the set in this trade.  Only need the Ozzie Smith card to complete it.

Moving away from Fleer and the 1980s, I received 23 Cardinals from the 2003 Topps Home Team Advantage set.  Nothing fancy about these other than the stamp.  These mirrored the 720 card regular set.  Still need 11 more to finish this set.

The 4 big chunk of cards came from the 200 Upper Deck Predictor Green set.  I received 12 of the 14 Cardinals, needing the base Pujols and Molina cards to finish it.  These would have been a lot sharper with an all green border.

This is the card that started the trade.  Big Lee Smith was the last card I needed to complete the 1992 Topps Gold Winners team set.  Not a very valuable set, but I love finishing big sets like this one that had 29 Cardinals in it.

The trade was got even better with a couple of oddball minor league cards from 1994 Action Packed.  Barber was in the news last week for being hired as the head of the Phillies scouting department.  Hope that works out better than his pitching career.  He was the Cardinals first round pick in the 1991 draft.  He only pitched in 10 games during the 1995 and 1996 seasons before joining the Royals.  He was out of baseball by 2000.

The icing on the cake was this 1986  Donruss pop up that was included for free.  Another card that is not very valuable, but I really appreciate when a trader sends something extra that I do not have.