Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Big Present a Month Early

With the busy happenings of last week, some common household chores/jobs got overlooked.  Nothing major, although it did seem the laundry got piled up for a few weeks.  One thing I usually do is check the mailbox.  I failed to do so on Wednesday because of a work party, but my daughter took care of me.  I also have a habit of checking the front porch for any packages, but failed to tell her to do so. 

Friday morning I was out putting up Christmas lights when I noticed this on the porch:

 I do not remember ordering anything or making a trade of this size, so I was surprised.  The return address revealed the sender as Brady from St. Louis Cardinals Cardboard .  Brady and I have traded a handful of times since I started blogging about 2 years ago, but never anything of this stature.
  Once the box was opened out popped these 5 boxes.

All five boxes full of Cardinals dating from 1950s to present with a great mixture of inserts and base cards. 
Also included was a simple but thoughtful note.  Over the last few days I have started to sort things out and hope to post soon about the highlights.  I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with Brady's kindness.  It will be fun knocking of cards on my wantlist and making some new ones.  Thanks Brady, hope to send something your way before the end of the month.


  1. You are welcome. i have already started another box :). My gosh I print worse that a 9 year old!

  2. Your writing is worlds better than my 8 year old. His h, r, and n all look the same. Good thing most of his homework is done on a tablet.