Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trading Bases & The Bench Trade

Continuing yesterday's post, today's cards are from Trading Bases member Kevin M along with a few from the Bench member David K.  Both are long time trade partners who always send more than what they should.

Each year I hope only 1 or 2 Cardinals have short print cards in the Heritage set.  Diaz was the only one this year.  Alex Reyes has a photo variation, but I do not count those as part of a team set. 

I am a fan of multi player cards, even better when they feature minor leaguers.  All 3 guys of these play in Triple A now. 

This year's Cardinals Tommy John pitcher is Alex Reyes.  He did not even get a spring training start in before he had surgery.  He is young enough to make a full recovery and I hope he is a member of the rotation in 2018. 

Wainwright flat out stunk last night.  I guess his only bright spot was giving up only one of Scooter Gennett's home runs, although it was a grand slam. 

Oh is having a decent year after a rough first month.  If the Cardinals could skip the 7th inning, he would most likely have more saves.  This is a 2016 Chrome Update refractor numbered to 250.

Piscotty has done better at the plate of late, but his defense and baserunning have went south.  I am pretty sure most players learned in little league that you do not go first to third on a base hit to left.  He tried early this week and was out by a mile.  I wish the Cardinals would hire someone like Vince Coleman to teach these players how to run the bases. 

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