Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Trading at the Database

Hope everyone had a safe and good Labor Day.  I spent mine catching up on the honey do list, but I did have some time to organize my card desk.  I had several trades come in last week from deals I made on Trading Card Database.  The first was with member metscardboard. 

 Hard to believe I still need base cards from low end sets like Opening Day and Fleer.  The Morris did finish my 2004 set. 

If I ever decide to open a hobby box, Topps Archives would be a strong contender. 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball was a nice idea, but man are those cards boring. 

Leaf did score some points with Cardinals fans by having a 20 card Musial insert set.  The photos are better on these than the base set.

I never get tired of getting Topps colored parallels.  You would think a Cardinals fan prefers the red border, but gold is better in my book.  Being numbered helps.

There are some mid 1990s parallels like the 1996 Pinnacle Foil cards that are pretty sharp despite how my scanner makes them look.  Collector's Choice silver signature are not too bad.  I often find them in nickel or dime boxes at card shows.  I opened a ton of the 1994 Choice cards, but slacked off by the time the 1996 set was out. 

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