Monday, March 30, 2015

Countdown to Opening Day #6 and Card Show recap

Cardinals fans will not have to guess very hard to figure out who will be featured in today's post.

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game Stan Musial 19/30

Stan was and probably will always be the greatest Cardinals ever.  I will spare you listing all his career highlights, but instead ask a trivia question.  Musial wore the #6 his entire career which started in 1941 and ended in 1963.  The Cardinals retired his number after the 1963 season.  Who is the only other Cardinals player to wear #6 since 1941?

I attended my first card show in years yesterday in O'Fallon.  It was a big 3 day card show with many autograph guests including many former Cardinals from various World Series teams.  I am working on getting a bat signed by the 2011 Championship team, so I got Arthur Rhodes.  I doubt I will ever get it finished (Pujols ), but Rhodes makes #11.  I also got Tommy Herr to sign a 1985 team ball.  This another project that will not be finished because Daryl Porter and Bob Forsch have passed away.  Herr made the 13th signature on the ball.

The show was advertised as having close to 100 tables.  I would guess over half were selling vintage cards only.  I did manage to pick up a 1975 Topps Keith Hernandez and a 1974 Topps Bake McBride for my team sets.  There was 3 or maybe 4 tables selling boxes/packs of modern cards.  I did have a laugh at one table with mostly junk era wax for sale at crazy prices.  1987 Topps for $60 anyone?  The rest of the tables had a mixture of singles or various Cardinals promo items like bobbleheads, programs, etc.  I was very disappointed in the singles selection.  Not a single dealer had 2015 singles for sale other than some select game used and autos.  No dime or quarter boxes to be found.  A few dealers had signs that they would give great deals on bulk singles, but if you cannot price your cards to start with I do not have the time to waste watching you look them up in a Beckett.  There were quite a few tables selling game used and autos for $2 or $3 each, but I only found 1 dealer who took the time to separate them by sport.  I ended up buying 6 cards for $20 from him.  I bought all of them for trade bait with certain bloggers/traders in mind.  Anyone know a blogger who collects Gary Carter?

I did find a Ray Lankford game used bat for sale for $75.  It was a beautiful uncracked Louisville Slugger bat from a seller I had bought from online before.  I was waiting for one of my autographs at the time, so I left it lay and planned on buying it on the way out.  WRONG CHOICE!  Bat was gone when I got back.  Not a big deal since I have 5 game used bats already, but I hate missing out on a nice deal.  

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