Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Many Colors of a Topps Rainbow

Last week I received a trade package from another member of Trading Bases card group.  I traded him 2 Yankee autos and 1 game used from the Tier One lot I bought off EBAY for a big stack of Cardinals inserts.  He included a wide variety of colored parallels, most from Topps, but a few other nice ones mixed in.

Topps has put out gold numbered cards for a while now, but the 2015 version has a little more shine to it.  It is hard to tell from the scan, but the bottom 2 cards are rainbow versions.

Matt Holliday was having a solid start to the year before he suffered a quad injury chasing down a fly ball.  I think father time is catching up to him.  The black version is numbered to 64.  I like the Eclipsing History inserts or any insert of Stan Musial for that matter.  On the other, it is getting old seeing David Freese on inserts from Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.  Yes it was a great game, but time to move on.

Topps Heritage also contains color, this one a Yadier Molina purple refractor.  Bowman checks in with the silver ice parallel.  This die cut Musial is from 2014 Stadium Club.  I like the die cuts as long as the edges cannot be damaged too easily.  Last card in this scan is a plain Pujols refractor from Bowman Chrome.  Not colorful, but shiny none the less.

I have a love/hate relationship with Prizm.  I love the looks of the cards, but hate the lack of logos.  I wish Topps would be as creative with their designs.  The McGwire in the upper left looks great in person.  It is the Fireworks Flash parallel numbered to 100.  The Matt Carpenter is a Red Power parallel numbered to 125.  The Wong is a USA baseball insert. 

I received a few other cards in the bubble envelope also like a 1998 Donruss Signature auto and a 2001 SP jersey card, but they seemed to boring to scan compared to these cards.

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