Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dancing and Dimes in Indianapolis

I have mentioned in previous posts that my daughter is a member of a competition dance studio.  We travel to 4 or 5 competitions throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri from early January to mid June.  I usually try to coordinate these trips with a ballgame or card show if possible.  Last Saturday we traveled to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.  Obviously the Colts were not playing, but we did get a peak at the playing field.  The Triple A Indianapolis Indians were not in town either, but I did luck out and find a card show about 20 minutes away.

The show was advertised on the Beckett webpage as 40 tables with free admission.  My son and I pulled into the American Legion to find a Cub Scout ceremony going on.  I feared we made the trip for nothing, but someone informed us the card show was in the other banquet room.  The atmosphere was very laid back with very few people there.  It did not take us long to go through the tables.  Quite a few of the dealers only had football and basketball cards, which is understandable since Indy is home to the Pacers and Colts.  I did luck out and find a dealer who had 2 3000 count boxes full of dime cards that were mostly inserts or parallels.  There were some football and basketball mixed in, but at least the baseball cards were group by brands.

I managed to pull 67 cards from the 2 boxes in about 45 minutes.  I must have been one of the few baseball collectors there because the dealer was thrilled someone was buying his baseball cards.  I pulled quite a few cards for other team collectors, but I was able to score some Cardinals for my pc.  Unlike the shows I attend in the St. Louis area, the Cardinals were also a dime.

 I picked these 2015 Finest cards up thinking they were the base version, but after looking closer they are black refractors. 

These Finest refractors are from 2014.
I was also able to pick up some Topps Chrome Xfractors from 2013.  Nice start to a team set.
These are my first cards from 2016 Diamond Kings, base or inserts.  There were 2 or 3 copies of the Molina, but stupid me forgot to pick up an extra for Brady.  Sorry, will remember you next time.

There were a ton of Bowman minis from various years.  I have a noted distaste for minis, but for a dime each I could not pass them up.  I love the looks of the 2 2015 Farm's Finest minis. 
The boxes also had a ton of the Top 100 prospect card from 2013 and 2014.
I was surprised I did not have the Wainwright Ginter card yet.  I did not have any wantlist with me, so I picked up almost all the Cardinals in the box.

A handful of miscellaneous inserts.  The Weaver was the only card I already out of 20+ Cardinals I picked up.  I must say that dime boxes are getting to be my favorite part of going to a card show. 


  1. Score-interesting how few were buying baseball cards-at least you probably didn't feel like people were breathing down your neck. Thank you for thinking of me-

    1. With Indy being 4-5 hours away from any MLB team, I would guess most collectors favor the local football or basketball teams. In the time I spent going through the dime boxes, maybe 1 or 2 other guys looked at the baseball cards.