Monday, November 30, 2015

Early Black Friday Purchases

Like millions of others people, I did some shopping on Black Friday last week.  Most of mine was done in the comfort of my office, although I did venture out about 7:00 Friday morning to hit up a couple of stores.  I did mange to find 20 Cardinals cards from COMC that will be shipped for free, but that was not my only Cardinals related purchase.  On November 14th my not so local cards shop located 2 hours away was running a sale.  I had nothing better to do that Saturday so my son and I made the trip.  The shop gave plenty of Facebook previews of items for sale so I had a good idea of what I might get.  They also ran a 10% sale on anything in the store.  I purchased some various top loaders, snap cases, and boxes but I will not bore you with those details. 

A big part of the sale was unsigned photos.  I bought this 11x14 Kolten Wong picture for $3.  I love this photo for a few reasons.  It shows Wong rounding first base after hitting a walk off home run in the 2014 playoffs.  Wearing the #16 and sporting the high socks also make it a cool photo.

There were also many signed photos for sale.  I bought this Matt Adams 16x20 autograph pic for $25.  This photo was taken after Adams hit the go ahead home run off Clayton Kershaw in game 4 of the 2014 Division Series.  The Cardinals would go on to win the game and the series that night. The reaction of both Adams and Clayton Kershaw is priceless.  I am a big Adams fan, but have my doubts whether he will be with the team next year.  Injuries and an inability to hit lefthaded pitching have limited his playing time the last 2 years.  At least this photo will serve as a reminder of the good times.

I spent a total of $36 for everything the first time I was at the shop.  My wife called before I left town to see what I had bought.  She told me to go back and pick out something my mother in law could buy me for Christmas.  It is always nice to spend other people's money at the card shop.  I took it easy on her and bought 3 ROMLB and a bobblehead for $60. 

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