Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Group Break Haul from Nacho

I would guess many of you have been following Chris's massive group break over at Nachos Grande.  This was the first group break I have ever been a part of and I was lucky enough to snag the Cardinals.  By reading the blog and watching the videos I knew what cards I would be getting, but Chris managed to fill up a small flat rate box with a bunch of other Cardinals that arrived earlier this week.

 I was able to finish my 2015 Topps Chrome set with the Carlos Martinez and Michael Wacha cards. 
I already had the 2015 Heritage High Numbers team set, but these cards will come in handy for in person autos. 
There were plenty of 2012 Prizm cards in the box, but I forgot to scan the Stan Musial that complete my set.
The second Panini brand included in the box break was 2012 Cooperstown.  The brown border reminds me of 1987 Topps. 
I have a few of the 2015 Stadium Club Cardinals, but have not seen any of the black and white base cards.  I guess these are for the retired players.  Great looking cards whether they are in color or black & white.

I was rather lucky with the 2014 Stadium Club box.  I still need 2 or 3 to finish my set, but these 5 base cards were a nice addition.

Chris pulled 2 Cardinals autos out of the 3 mini boxes.  I think I may have to ship him my boxes to open.
I also received 4 inserts out of the various boxes.  The Stadium Club inserts are just as nice as the base cards.  The die cuts are a nice touch.  I may have to track down a Wainwright and Molina to go along with the Heyward.
Among the many extra that Chris included were these 4 1982 Topps.  Three of them were condition upgrades to my set.

I was most excited to see these 2011 Topps Attax cards.  I had only one of these before and thought it was an insert, but now know I need just 2 more to finish the team set.  Overall a great haul for my first group break.  Big thank you to Chris for running it.


  1. Glad you liked the cards! Your Cardinals did well...I have a knack for pulling cards of the wrong team in red!

  2. great results on the break-I have break envy