Friday, June 17, 2016

Non Cards from the Card Show

The main reason I went to the card show on June 5 was to get a couple of autos from former Cardinals John Tudor and Bill Campbell.  I have been slowly working on a 1985 World Series team ball for about 7 years now.  The 1985 team is the first one I really remember following.  I was only 6 when the Cardinals won the Series in 1982, so I have very few memories of that team other than Bruce Sutter striking out Gorman Thomas to end Game 7. 

The 1985 team was fun to watch.  Vince Coleman, Willie McGee, and Ozzie Smith ran wild on the bases while Jack Clark provided what little power the team had.  The pitching staff featured 2 21 game winners in John Tudor and Joaquin Andujar and a 18 game winner Danny Cox.  The team also played great defense, with Smith and McGee winning gold gloves.

Bill Campbell signature below Tito Landrum

John Tudor signature below Danny Cox and Jeff Lahti

My camera takes blurry pics of baseballs no matter what settings I use.  I now have a total of 12 signatures on the ball.  I know it will never be complete dues to the deaths of Andujar, Bob Forsch, and Darrell Porter, but it is still a fun little project to add to ever now and then.  Best part of getting these autos was I had a gift certificate that covered the entire cost.  On a side note, I was shocked to see someone have Campbell sign at least 10 different cards at $5 a pop.

I did purchase 1 other item at the show besides cards and the signatures.  The day before the show, the Cardinals had a bobblehead giveaway featuring Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina after the final out of the 2006 World Series.

I have an autographed 16x20 picture of this pose, so I thought the bobblehead would look good next to it.  A lot of dealers had these for $40-45.  I was able to talk one down to $35 as he was packing them up right before the show closed.


  1. Man that bobblehead would look great in my office-next to Hungo.

  2. I would wait a few weeks before buying one online, price is still high. They do look great though.


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