Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cardinals for Cardinals

One of my favorite trading partners sent me a nice surprise last week.  Trading Bases member Mark Z and I have a nice back and forth exchange of sending each other our duplicate Cardinals.  I am pretty sure his latest package was not all doubles. 

These 2012 Bowman Draft Chrome cards may have been doubles, but they were 2 of the last 3 on my need list. 

The other base cards were these 2 2017 Diamond Kings.  DK and Optic are by far the nicest Panini products out this year. 

I love the Bowman Silver Ice parallels.  Wacha has remained healthy so far this year and is having a nice season.  The Cardinals have skipped his turn in the rotation a couple of times that may have helped his endurance. 

It is always great to get Wainwright inserts.  I mistakenly thought the top card was a rare 2015 Stadium Club orange parallel, but it is a 2016 Black & White insert.  Great card either way.

I hope Reyes can return from TJ surgery next year as well as Lynn has this year.  He may end up taking Lynn's rotation spot if the Cardinals do not resign him this winter.  If I had to guess today, I am thinking Lynn will get more money elsewhere and be pitching for someone else next season.

  Purple and Chrome look nice together.  Heritage cards make them look even better.

The package definitely had a Wacha theme to it.  I still like game used cards even though they are a dime a dozen now. 

Topps seems to number the black border cards to the 60s.  This 2015 Update is numbered to 64.  The 2017 Topps Zack Duke I showed in a previous post was numbered to 66.  I guess next year they will be numbered to 67. 

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