Monday, August 7, 2017

Payback is not Always Bad

Payback is not always viewed as a good thing, but in the card collecting community it is welcome in most cases.  I usually come across one or two posts each day about a collector receiving payback.  Often it is more cards that what was sent out.  My latest package from Trading Bases member Ron B was such a package.  I sent him some IP autos from my Florida trip, while he sent a huge stack of Cardinals.

I have never been a big fan of Allen & Ginter.  Minis are not my cup of tea, and I cannot stand opening a pack of baseball cards and getting a card with an animal or some other creature.  Ron sent the entire 2017 Cardinals set minus the Seung Hwan Oh sp.    

I will gladly take Cardinal minis if they come my way.  The Molina is a black border parallel, while the Grichuk is an A&G back. 

I have very few 2017 Topps parallel cards.  These 2 are my first gold cards.

I do have a handful of the foil parallel like the Grichuk card, but the Duke is my first black.  It is numbered to 66.

I always loved Donruss Rated Rookie cards.  Optic did a good job with this year's version.  The Sierra is a holo parallel, the Reyes the base version.

Optic also did well with 2016 inserts.  The colored parallels like the pink Holliday really stand out. 

I often wonder how a card company decides what to numbered certain parallels to.  The 2005 UD Classics Van Slyke is a silver parallel numbered to 399, Adams is a 2016 Press Proof numbered to 99, and Ankiel is a 2001 Legacy Ultimate insert numbered to 250.  I cannot say I miss the early 2000 Fleer sets with all the numbered short print cards and parallels. 

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  1. I think the Donruss Optic cards are some of the nicest in recent years-yeah no logos but bright color and nice "photos". Score Yadi!