Wednesday, October 10, 2018

More 2018 Help and a Nice EBAY Win

My first trade package this week contained more help to my 2018 teams sets.  This package came from TCDB member pjdionne12.  He is quickly becoming one of my favorite trading partners on the site.  This is our 4th trade this year, all involving at least 10-15 cards going both ways.

It is said to think that a lot of Cardinals legends are no longer around.   Red passed away earlier this year, leaving Gibson and Brock as 2 of the older guys along with Herzog.  At least Archives is a way to remember the good ole days.

Once I complete the Fire base set, I hope I can find some of the parallels.  I am glad there is not a Target within an hour's drive, otherwise I would have busted more of this product than my budget could handle. 

I am getting close to completing the Big League set, just 2 more to go.  Allen & Ginter may get done by year's end if I am lucky.

Panini does shiny Yadi cards well.  The Optic is a base card, while the Select is one of the many brands in 2018 Chronicles.  I do not have a wantlist for the set yet, as I am still trying to figure out all the different brands. 

I received a couple of inserts in the package as well.  While they are not as sharp as the Topps Chrome pink refractors, Optic pink is not too bad.  The McGwire Diamond Kings 500 insert is rather bland.  The number does not need to be that large.

 My latest EBAY win is my first Harrison Bader autograph.  I would rather have his 2016 Bowman Chrome auto with his full sig, but that one is a little pricey.  This one only cost me $4 after I used my EBAY bucks.   

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