Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Trade Long Time in the Making

 Day 2 of quarantine has been pretty productive.  I spent the morning scanning a few cards that were missing on the TCDB website, while also putting away Cardinals from recent trades.  In the process, I managed to consolidate my trade boxes to eliminate a 1600 count box.  Any time I can make room in my closet for more Cardinals, it is a win.  

Some of the Cardinals I put away were from a great trade with Trading Bases member Michael M.  We have been talking off and on for a few months about working out an Indians for Cardinals trade.  He travels for his job and also had some family issues, so the trade was put on hold a time or two.  We finally completed a deal last week.  Kudos to the post office for a 3 day delivery from Ohio to Illinois that brought the package to my mailbox yesterday.  

Only 2 base cards in the package, but they are from a couple of tough sets for me to get in 2020 Inception and Topps Utz.  

I swore I had the Pujols Update insert already, put it was a different one that had the same picture from Series 2.  Nicely done Topps.  At least they used photo I have not seen on the Ozzie insert.

I wish rainbow foil cards scanned better.  These 2020 cards look like the regular base cards.  

Purple cards do scan well.  I give Topps credit for moving the border on the Opening Day card to the right side in an effort to easier tell them apart from the flagship cards.  

More color with this four pack of cards.  Donruss and Topps orange is a little different, but not far off.  The GQ is a silver parallel, while the Goldy looks like a yellow parallel from 2020 Bowman Platinum, but the proper name is chartreuse.  I have never heard of the world so I looked it up.  Google says it is a French liqueur in green and yellow versions.  I can see that, but it is a weird name for a baseball card.

There is no question this is a black parallel from 2019 Stadium Club.  It is somewhat hard to see, but it is numbered to 99 above the TSC logo.  

I will finish with another great looking Paul DeJong auto.  This 2018 Topps Chrome card is numbered to 50.  

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