Saturday, April 18, 2015

2015 Gypsy Queen Hanger Box

My wife sent me to Wal-Mart this morning because she forgot to buy a loaf of bread.  Not wanting to spend just $1.50, I made my way to the cards isle.  It was a tough choice between 2015 Gypsy Queen and 2015 Donruss, but in the end the lack of logos was the deciding factor.  I picked up one of the Gypsy Queen hanger boxes for $10.

The box yielded 2 Cardinals, a base Trevor Rosenthal and a Pearl border Mark McGwire.  From what I read on the box, the Pearl border is exclusive to Wal-Mart packs.  It looks a lot like White border cards from previous years.

Here are the other 2 Pearl border cards: Yu Darvish and Satchell Paige.  One pet peeve of mine is when Browns cards get classified as Cardinals cards.  The Browns later moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles, so I do NOT consider them Cardinals.

Gypsy Queen always has plenty of minis each year.  The Wilin Rosario and David Robertson are base versions.  The Squeeze Bunt is part of the Basics of Baseball insert set.

This year the SP base cards are numbered 300-350.  Kojie Uehara #349 is the one I was lucky enough to pull.  I also have about 20 other base cards to trade if anyone is looking to complete the set.


  1. I have a small Browns collection-might even begin to pick them up on purpose-good pack pulls-anytime you can get a Cards' parallel

    1. If you would like the Page, lmk and I can send it to you