Monday, April 13, 2015

Flashback to 2006

I got home from work about an hour ago and turned on the Cardinals game.  It is opening day in St. Louis which means all the living Hall of Famers take part in pregame ceremonies.  The clydesdales also take their turn making a lap around Busch Stadium III.  The announcers mentioned this is the 10th year Busch Stadium III has been opened.  The Cardinals were able to win the World Series that year with a team that got hot at the right time.  Two players are still active on the team today: Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina.

I purchased this 16x20 photo in January at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up.  It shows Molina and Wainwright after the last out of the 2006 Series.  It was already signed by Molina.  I had autograph tickets for both of them, but Molina appeared on a day I could not make it.  I sold the ticket and used the profit to have the picture framed.  I was able to have Wainwright sign it in person.  My 6 year old son was able to go through the auto line with me.  Wainwright gave him a fist bump, asked him his name and said "Nice to meet you, I am Chris Carpenter".  My son just laughed, gave him a high five, and wished him good luck.  It only took about 20 seconds, but I hope the picture helps him remember the moment for years to come.   

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