Thursday, April 2, 2015

Countdown to Opening Day #3

Spring break started today for my wife and kids.  The temperature is nice, but there is rain in the forecast for the next two days so they will be inside for the most part.  This morning they spent time looking at schedules for the Cardinals minor league teams.  We live within a 6 hour drive of Peoria, Memphis, and Springfield, MO.  We often take a quick weekend trip and try to catch 2 games at any of the 3 parks.  This year will be the first time we will get to see all 3 teams play in the same season.  My wife even chose to spend her birthday/Mother's Day weekend in Memphis.  Keeping up with the #3 theme, here is today's card:

1997 Donruss Signature Brian Jordan

Brian Jordan wore #3 his entire Cardinals career from 1992-1998.  He played in the NFL for 3 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons before decided to play baseball only.  Jordan brought his football mentality to the baseball diamond.  He often would dive for balls or crash into the wall while playing right field.  He was also an aggressive base runner.  I have fond memories of him making up a great Cardinals outfield during the mid 1990s along with Ron Gant and Ray Lankford.  All 3 of them had a blend of power and speed.


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  1. Nice card-I really enjoy the Donruss Signature series-picked up a Ray Lankford and Eli Marrero recently