Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Week of Catching Up

It has been 2 weeks since my last post.  I try to post at least once or twice each week, but I took a break last week.  As in a spring break trip to Jupiter, Florida for spring training.  I spent 3 days watching the Cardinals play and practice before arriving home late Friday evening.  With it being a holiday weekend, I did not get much done other than unpacking.  I hope to have a few posts about my journey later this week, but I will need to find time to scan a few things.

Among the week's worth of mail waiting for me were some trade packages.  One unexpected one came from Trading Bases member Colin.  The surprise packages always seem to be the best.

 These 1997 Bowman Chrome cards did not scan well due to the horrible curling issue.  I remember buying a few packs when this came out trying to get the Jose Cruz Jr rookie.  They curled back then too.

1998 and 1999 Bowman Chrome did not have the curling issues, at least these 2 cards did not.  I like the 1998 design on the right the best out of the 3 years.

For some reason I always have a hard time completing the Opening Day sets.  I guess not many collectors bust this product because of the lack of big hits.  These two did finish the 2014 team set.
I always think of what might of have been for Anthony Reyes if he would not have argued with Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan about how to pitch.  He was masterful in Game 1 of the 2006 World Series, but would get only 4 more wins for the Cardinals before being traded to Cleveland in 2008.

Fleer must have thought Esix Snead was going to have a great career.  He was in more of their 2001 products than Albert Pujols.  He never did reach the majors despite stealing over 100 bases in a season in the minors.  All four of these are short prints with the Platinum the only one that is not numbered.  Fleer loved their serial numbered rookies.  The Genuine is numbered to 1500, the Game Time to 2000, and the Premium to 1999.  Colin must have been either a Snead super collector, or very unlucky to pull his cards.  Either way, all four were nice set hits.

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