Monday, March 7, 2016

Droppin Dimes at the Card Show

State Farm Insurance has some commercials that have a way of sticking in your mind.  Who can forget Jake and his khakis.  The latest one features NBA players rapping about coins:

I had this jingle on my mind while I was at a card show yesterday.  My daughter had a volleyball tournament in St. Louis that had a enough time in between games that my son and I hit up a card show about 10 miles away.  I had a few Cardinals cards I was looking for to have signed in person (another post on that later), but nothing else in particular that I needed to get. 

We spent about 30 minutes looking at all the tables before buying anything.  My 7 year old son thinks I have enough baseball cards, so he wants to start a St. Louis Blues collection.  I am a hockey fan, but have never gotten into cards.  He knows the current Blues roster, so he wanted to get one card of a few players.  I think I spent $2.50 on 5 cards including a Vladimir Taresenko. 

After buying the Cardinals singles I needed, I spent the rest of my time at one dealer's 2 tables.  He had 3-4 monster boxes set up with various prices ranging from $0.10/ card to $1 each.  I spent 30 minutes going through the dime boxes that were somewhat sorted into sports.  I would find a chunk of baseball, then a chunk of football.  The good thing was the cards were fairly sorted by brand.  I spent $4 on the following cards.

2015 Finest Generations
35 Greg Maddux Braves

2015 Finest 1995 Finest
14 Ryan Braun Brewers

2015 Topps Update Gold
113 Eric Campbell 222/2015 Mets
243 Austin Adams 881/2015 Indians
260 Andrew Miller 170/2015 Yankees
281 Manny Banuelos 1307/2015 Braves
317 Luis Sardinas 287/2015 Brewers
379 Cameron Maybin 602/2015 Braves

I did not take a picture, but included in the $4 was this lot of 2016 Topps :

2016 Topps Rainbow Foil
41 Josh Harrison Pirates
125 Greinke/Arrieta/Kershaw League Leaders
167 Jacoby Ellsbury Yankees
169 Charlie Morton Pirates
178 Rob Refsnyder Yankees
183 Andrelton Simmons Braves
190 Jeurys Familia Mets
204 Mark Teixeira Yankees
218 Andrew Miller Yankees
220 Arrieta/Greinke/Cole League Leaders
242 Matt Wisler Braves
298 Ryan Braun Brewers
326 Kevin Plawecki Mets
347 Jason Grilli Braves

2016 Topps Gold
28 Brian McCanmn 572/2016 Yankees
52 Julio Tehran 966/2016 Braves
57 Adam Lind 1524/2016 Brewers
116 Brett Gardner 1677/2016 Yankees
136 Michael Cuddyer 61/2016 Mets
138 Francisco Liriano 1989/2016 Pirates
145 Jon Niese 48/2016 Mets
168 Nathan Eovaldi 732/2016 Yankees
194 Chase Headley 1375/2016 Yankees
204 Mark Teixeira 953/2016 Yankees
212 Starlin Castro 1397/2016 Cubs
219 Hector Olivera 1573/2016 Braves
231 Chris Coghlan 1859/2016 Cubs
240 Nick Markakis 1774/2016 Braves
252 Jorge Solar 249/2016 Cubs
273 Mets Team 1783/2016
310 David Wright 1071/2016 Mets
312 Curtis Granderson 1314/2016 Mets
344 Jonathan Lucroy 317/2016 Brewers

Last put not least, I found this card which I am not for sure was meant to be in the dime box:

Topps Black 167 Jacoby Ellsbury 61/65 

I was more than happy with the 41 cards for $4.  There were plenty more 2016 foil and gold cards, but I just pulled cards for team collectors I have traded with before.  By this time my son was ready to go so I called it a day.  Some of the cards are already being mailed to traders I owe, but dropped me an email if you see something you like.  

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  1. Man I need to start hitting shows more often. We don't have any here in Bloomington. Nice haul. Can't believe you got all those parallels for $4. Wowzas.