Wednesday, March 9, 2016

LIttle Bit of Everything

Monday I received an unexpected package from long time trading partner Kevin who runs the Trading Bases group.  Kevin is a great guy who routinely sends cards my way without any warning.  I usually have a good chunk of them, but I can always find a home for duplicates.  His latest package contained a wide variety of Cardinals.

I am not certain when Fleer started to included stickers in packs, but these cover a wide range of years.  I remember sticking these on 800 count boxes as a kid.

1990 was the more colorful version of Topps Big.  None of these 3 players look too interested in having their picture taken. 

Kevin sent a huge stack of 1989 Sportflics of which I had bought from COMC on Black Friday, but I did need these 2.  Have a stack of 7 or 8 duplicates if another Cardinals fan is looking for them.

I do not have many minor league cards outside of the team sets I buy at the stadiums, so these were a welcome addition.  The Zeile is part of a 1989 Pro Cards team set, while Matt Morris and Dmitri Young are from 1995 Signature Rookies.

Kevin included a large amount for 1981-1985 Cardinals from all 3 brands that I already had, so they are up for grabs to any Cardinals fans that needs them.

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