Friday, December 16, 2016

A Little Color in My Latest 2016 Trade Package

I have been making some good progress with my 2016 teams sets this month.  Whether it be from a card show or some trades, I have knocked off quite a few of the pesky commons that seem to haunt me.  My latest trade package from a member of The Bench also included some nice inserts.

I agree with the majority of the collecting world that 2016 Chrome looks much better than Topps flagship.  The colored borders make them even better, although pink is not a color I usually associate with cards.  On the other end of the rainbow is a black refractor from 2016 Bowman Chrome. 

I did received 3 hits to non 2016 team sets.  I am very lacking in early 1990 Finest Cardinals.  I see a commons going for 50 cents on up at shows and just hate to pay that. The 1994 Finest design is one of my favorites.  The green border just reminds me of a ball diamond. 

These are my first 2016 Gold Label cards.  I am just missing Piscotty to finish the set, although I am not chasing all the class variations.  I was  disappointed to see Topps did not use the same thick card stock that they did in the late 1990s.

2016 Stadium Club = great photography.  Enough said.

I almost bought a box of 2016 Heritage Minors at the card show earlier this month for $40, but decided on some bobbleheads instead.  This is one of my favorite sets each year.  The cards have a nice simple design and are great for getting in person autographs.

Hazelbaker started out on fire the first month of 2016, but came back down to Earth before summer hit.  He still was a good pinch hitter and defensive substitution.  The Diamondbacks claimed him off waivers earlier the offseason. 

 These are my first 2016 Topps Update cards.  Still have 3 more to go.
These are my favorite shots from Update.  I am not for sure when the Diaz photo was taken, but I am guessing either after hitting his first home run or after his first game back following Jose Fernandez's death.  Despite Diaz's good season, Oh would be my choice for Cardinals rookie of the year.  He took over the closer's role and did a fine job.  It never gets old seeing the arch in the background while a Cardinal's player rounds the bases after a home run.  The Moss card also captured some lucky fan on the big screen.  Does that make it a rookie card?

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  1. I completely agree-had Diaz not got hurt he may have won it-but alas no so it goes to Oh-didn't really intend to rhyme