Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Care Package

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by family for 2 days, but it is also nice to get back to a daily routine minus being at work.  I am on vacation on this week so I hope to put my card room back in order.  I am still sorting through the vintage cards Brady sent almost a month ago.  He also sent a smaller box last week that I need to sort.

I forgot to participate in the Secret Santa that Matt from BWTP organized, but I did join the Trading Bases exchange.  My cards arrived Wednesday of last week and did not disappoint.

Matt Adams is the only player above that I had an in person auto from.  It is nice all of these are signed in blue sharpie.  It shows up so much better than black.  The Shelby Miller is my favorite.  I may have a chance to complete the dual 2005 Topps Total card now that Randy Flores is in charge of the Cardinals scouting department.  He may make an appearance at Winter Warm Up in January.
I mentioned in previous post about how stupid I thought Topps was for having a Total Topps insert in Topps Total .  Not to be outdone, Upper Deck has a Icons insert in 2009 Icons.  It is hard to see, but it is numbered to 999.  My scanner cropped the Jon Jay Xfractor for me.  It is centered much better.
How neat was it to get 3 inserts that all showed a pitcher at varioius points in his delivery.  The Martinez Xfractor is my favorite card, but I will always have a soft spot for Rick Ankiel.  He has a book coming out next year about his struggles as a pitcher that should be an interesting read.
Upper Deck beat Topps to the punch when it came to manufactured patches.  The foil border on this  Mize card did not scan well at all.  It is from 2004 Sweet Spot Classic and is numbered to 230.  He was the original Big Cat first baseman before Andres Galarraga went by the same nickname.
It is almost January and Matt Adams is still a Cardinal.  I fear the clock is ticking though.
I was at Scott Rolen's first game at Busch Stadium as a Cardinals back in 2003.  He received a standing ovation the first 2 times he came up to bat.  He was a vital member of the mid 2000s teams who I feel was a bit underrated because of playing with Pujols and Edmonds.
Pujols also made an appearance in the trade package with this 2005 Topps Pristine jersey card numbered to 500.  It would be nice if the Angels would come to St. Louis before he retires.  I think the sting of him leaving after 2011 has worn off. 
Last but not least is this 2015 Topps Ozzie Smith bat card numbered to 25.  Ozzie celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday.  I saw him at a card show last year and he still looks to be in great shape.  


  1. I'll do it again next year since the turnout was nice. Love that Ozzie bat card!

  2. I will be sure to remember it. The Ozzie is a nice card, super thick