Thursday, December 22, 2016

A New Old Cardinals Auto from EBAY

With all of the trade packages coming in that need to be scanned, sorted, and filed away, I have not paid a lot of attention to EBAY the last few weeks.  I was surfing the other night looking for a Pirates auto for a fellow collector when I found one that had free combined shipping.  The seller just happened to have a nice Cardinals auto that I needed.

Topps came up with another brand of Archives to sell this fall with the introduction of Topps Archives 65th Anniversary edition.  Like the Holiday boxes, this release is a Wal-Mart exclusive.  My local Wal-Mart never received any or was sold out before I could find them, so I was able to save my $20.  I have seen a lot of breaks with Simmons, Sandy Alomar, or Jose Vidro autos, so I am glad I could not find any.

Brady has covered some of Simmons career highlights in this post. Simmons does have a pretty decent auto for a man in his upper 80s.  I bought this card and a Kent Tekulve auto from the same set for $7 delivered. 


  1. Buying Tekulve autos is the single greatest pastime ever.

    1. Put his specs together with Walk's legendary mullet and you have the start of a great pitcher. Thanks for the comment. If you ever wan to work out a little trade, drop me an email ( in my profile).