Wednesday, March 22, 2017

First Taste of 2017 Donruss

I still have not highlighted the last package I received at the beginning of last week. It is a large one that will require some scanning, so I will fast forward to a package I received from a Trading Bases member over the weekend.  I sent some Rangers his way in return for some 2017 Cardinals.

2017 Donruss is about as bland as you can get.  The name plate at the top reminds me of 1990 Donruss.  I am not sure what the price of a hobby box is, but I would hope it is cheaper than Topps.

The inserts are not quite as bad.  These are 1983 Retro inserts.  Unlike Topps, at least a different photo is used for the Carpenter and Piscotty cards.  These are not as flashy as some of the other inserts, but still a step up from the base set.

Rounding out the package were 5 more hits to my 2017 Heritage team set.  This set should not be too hard to complete, although the Aldemys Diaz card is a short print.  I always love the team cards that show a walk off win.


  1. The retros are the one inserts in the new Donruss I really Really like-I know some haven't liked the throwback 1968 Heritage but I believe Topps did a remarkable job of updating them.

  2. The Donruss Masters of the Game inserts are not too shabby either. Maybe it is the cardstock that Topps used for Heritage, but they are sharp this year.