Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Monday Mail Day

Yesterday was a good mail day for me.  I received 2 trade packages from Trading Card Database (TCD) members and also got around to opening another package I received on Saturday from a third TCD member.  I believe there were over 200 Cardinals in the 3 packages that were new to my collection.  Today I will highlight the some of the contents from the first package I received from user herkojerko.  I sent a few Phillies his way while he sent more Cardinals than what he needed to. 
I have never seen these 1987 Hygrade cards before.  I like the concept of highlighting past players, but the green borders and lack of numbering on the back leave a lot to be desired.  The photos are a little to close up also.

I do love the late 1980s and early 1990s oddballs.  The 1993 US Playing cards Ozzie is my favorite.  The top 2 cards are from the 1990 Score Superstars set, while the bottom Coleman is a 1989 Fleer Exciting Stars card. 

The early Topps Gold cards were not numbered like recent versions, but there was an extra Winner parallel made of the 1992 version.  I am not certain which is more abundant, but I have more Winner cards than the regular Gold card. 

More set needs including a 1994 Bowman's Best, 1990 Swell, 1992 Conlon Collection, and a 1991 Topps Archives Dizzy Dean.  After his playing days Dean was a radio/TV broadcaster for more than 20 years. 

Another set I have never seen before is the 1994 Upper Deck All Time Heroes.  I like the mix of obvious great players like Gibson and Brock to go along with lesser know players such as Walker and Garagiola.  I have fond memories of watching Saturday afternoon baseball on NBC with Garagiola and Vin Scully doing the play by play. 

I never realized there were so many minor league cards in the early 1990s besides your basic team sets.  The four cards are from 1994 Classic Best Gold.  Love the photography, but the player's name should have been put somewhere else other than over the top of the team name. 

Rounding out the package are 2 2015 Topps Museum base cards.  It can be tough tracking down team singles of high end brands, but there are some floating around.  It is always nice to find a Maris card in a Cardinals uniform. 

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