Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two More Trade Packages

Besides the trade package I highlighted in yesterday's post, I also received two smaller packages on Monday.  Though not as big or full of oddballs, the Cardinals I received still knocked out a few sets.

It sounds like the Cardinals will sign Molina to a contract extension sometime this week that should make him a Cardinal for life.  I am sure somewhere in California a certain blogger will be overjoyed.  I did not go crazy buying Wal-Mart pizza last year trying to pull the 2 Cardinals in this set, maybe 2 boxes of breadsticks and 1pizza.  Along with the Michael Wacha I had, this Yadi completed my team set.

Stadium Club almost looked as good in 1997 as it does today.  I am not a huge fan of the blue ribbon and stars, but the great photo makes up for it.  The card also completed my team set.

Failed Cardinals draft picks seem to be a recurring theme in my posts lately.  Lovinger had long odds anyway as a 25th round draft pick, but Hall was a fourth round selection.  He never made it past Double A during his 5 year minor league career. 

The Geronimo Pena card sums up his career very well.  Very athletic second baseman who could not stay healthy.  That photo just makes me hurt in more areas than one.  Arocha was one of the first Cuban defectors who played in MLB.  He played for the Cardinals from 1993-1995.  He was almost 30 before he pitched in the Majors, so that may have something to do with this short career.  Other than his Cardinals tenure, he pitched in 6 games for the Giants in 1997. 

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