Thursday, April 20, 2017

Getting Back to the Trade Posts

My mini vacation and the Easter weekend did not let me catch up on trade posts.  I have 6 or 7 stacks of cards to scan, file away, and write about.  All of them are from trades made on Trading Card Database.  Today's post has a strong Heritage flavor.

2004 Bowman Heritage is not the best looking set in my book.  The TV screen  does nothing for me.

  I like the clean look of 2005 Bowman Heritage a lot better. 

I forgot to scan a regular 2005 Topps Heritage back to compare to these white back variations.  These can be a set collector's nightmare to try to spot.  I would not be surprised to find one or two when I file these away in my team box.

My favorite Heritage card of the package is this 2017 card.  When I first saw the burlap design I was not that enthused, but these cards look great in hand.

There was about 15 of these 2004 Topps First Edition cards.  The Tomko is my favorite.  I like any photo that captures a ball right after it has been thrown or hit.

 I am not too crazy about all the buybacks Topps has been doing the past few years, but I am a fan of the 1987 set.  If I get bored I may try to make a 1987 buyback team set. 

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