Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Getting Behind

Since my last posting I have 5 more trade envelopes to go through.  They have all been opened, but there is a huge stack of cards waiting to be scanned and filed away.  The majority of them will stay like that until some time next week.  After attending a family funeral tomorrow, we will be leaving on Thursday morning for a few days to catch some minor league baseball.  More about that later.  I did manage to scan the contents of the first trade package late last night after getting home from my son's baseball practice.  This was a trade with a Trading Card Database member.

There are a ton of McGwire cards in the 1999 UD Victory set.  I like the one on the right the best due to the Lankford cameo.

 Blue bordered chrome cards are very nice regardless of year or brand.  I am guessing 2003 Topps Chrome may have been the first blue bordered set.  Topps Gold Label cards are also very attractive.  This is a Class 1 card from 2000.

 I thought I had 2005 and 2006 Topps Udpate team sets done long ago.  This trader informed me otherwise.  I can be hard to overlook these highlight cards when it comes to team collecting.  Some sights listed all teams pictured on the card, while others simply list the players.  O the joy of being a team collector.

I have not had a chance to watch any Cardinals games since the opening series with the Cubs.  I wonder if Piscotty still looks like this after being hit 3 times in one inning.  It seems there have been a handful of players getting hit in the helmet already this year.  Piscotty's was from a errant throw home, but Buster Posey took a fastball to the head last night.  I cannot even image the headache he must have for the next few days.

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