Monday, May 1, 2017

A New Lankford Card!

It is not often I get to write about receiving a new Lankford card, let alone one that I traded for.  A very generous trader from TCDB worked out a trade with me a few weeks back that included quite a few Pacific brand Cardinals.  He was kind enough to include a Lankford from his personal collection.

 1999 Pacific Omega Platinum Blue 19/75
I cannot thank this trader enough for this card.  He knew I was a Lankford collector and said this card was just sitting around in a subset that he would never finish.  It is not a flashy auto, but it can be very difficult finding some of the low numbered Pacfic parallels from the late 1990s.  He also sent a huge stack of other Cardinals set hits.
I have shown quite a few of these 1988 Panini stickers in the last few months.  

These 3 1991 Topps Archives cards finished my team set.

The early Pacific cards were not very flashy, but the did give collectors a chance to brush up on their Spanish.  These 2 cards are from 1993.

1995 Pacific are pretty sharp.  The only down side in my book is having the year printed by the logo.

There are not too many traders out there that have 1997 Topps Chrome cards laying around.  I would love to find these in dime boxes, but I guess they are just too old.

The front of 1998 Aurora cards are just a little to busy for me.  I think it is the headshot and large position notation.

1999 Aurora is a little better.  The border is gone, but the cursive names can be a little difficult to read.  Give me block letters any day.

The base version of 1999 Omega would look great if the right side was cut off.  The player background in foil does nothing for me.  I guess it was included to help tell the difference between all the colored parallels like the Lankford.

1999 Pacific has got it down.  Full bleed photo, easy to read text, and a logo that is not too big.  

2000 Paramount cards are not that bad, but I wish they would just use the entire photo instead of the blue background.  

2000 Private Stock returned to the cursive look with a brushed background.  I have seen better, but have also seen far worse.

There was a handful of non Pacific cards in the trade package.  2000 Skybox Dominion seemed like a cheaper set.  I have overlooked the League Leaders cards when looking for Cardinals cards.  I was surprised I did not have the Drew.  

This 1999 Topps Opening Day Brian Jordan card is my favorite photo from the package.  I would guess it was taken after a McGwire home run or a walk off win. 

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