Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It is the Little Extras That Mean So Much

A lot of my recent trade posts have featured cards I have received from Trading Card Database members.  The site's trade feature which matches cards to a trader's wantlist makes it very easy to find cards that both sides need.  My trading from my other sites/groups has slowed since I joined TCDB, but last week I was able to make a trade with long time partner Kevin M.  He posted some 2016 Bowman Draft cards on The Bench site that I need for my team set.

These are the last six cards I needed to finish the base paper set.  All of these guys were picked in the first 5 rounds.  Hudson, Flaherty, and Perez were all first round picks. 

The trade also included this blue parallel numbered to 150.  In exchange for these, I sent Kevin two Mets cards.  One was numbered to 50, the other to 999.  I have trade with Kevin dozens of times of the last 10 years or so.  He is also the founder of the Trading Bases group.  He never just send what he should.  He included a handful of other Cardinals set hits.

These 2016 Bowman Chrome cards are from the vending box set , I think. 

Kevin always sends an unopened pack of cards with his trades.  The Oh came out of the 2017 Opening Day pack he sent.  The other two were part of the stack of cards he included.  It means a lot to me for a trader to take time to include a few extras off of my wantlist, even if they are just base cards.  It is traders like Kevin that make our card collecting hobby feel like a big family.

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