Friday, July 14, 2017

2 Cheap EBAY Wins

If I have any down time at work, I usually surf  EBAY for cheap Cardinals cards (after I do my daily blog reading of course).  I found 2 good deals before I left for vacation that were waiting for me when I returned.  The first one was the Cardinals Topps Series 2 team set for 25 cents delivered.  I was rather shocked that all the cards arrived safely in a PWE. 

It was nice to knock out a team set for less than the price of a stamp.  Wish they were all that easy.  The next package only had one card, also arrived in a PWE, and cost me 30 cents.

I guess this counts as a new Lankford for the collection.  I have seen a 2001 Topps Rediscover card a few times on EBAY, but cannot bring myself to pay $3 for it.  A stamp on an old common card does not mean that much to me.  

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