Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It Has Been A While

It has been 3 weeks since I have written a post.  The end of June was very busy at work, and my nights were occupied with post season baseball/softball for my both of my kids.  We also took a family vacation from July 1-10.  We spent the majority of time in Florida at Disney for my daughter's national dance competition, but we did have time at the beach and also watched some minor league baseball.  I will say that I will never travel very far over 4th of July weekend again.  My 10 hour trip on July 1 turned into 12.5 due to traffic in Alabama. 

Before I left I was fairly caught up as far as blogging material goes.  I had one IP recap to highlight from Father's Day.  Now I have 2 more IP recaps, some EBAY wins, and a handful of trades to go over.  The first trade recap is a package from fellow blogger Jason who resides at Jason's Sports Card Blog.  Jason and I are also friends on the Trading Card Database sight. 

 Sounds like Jason has a huge stack of 1994 Fun Pack cards.  The Todd Zeile finished my team set.  The Tatis is a 2000 Topps Home Team Advantage card, and the Gant is a 1996 Upper Deck Predictor.

This is my first 1984 Donruss Champions card.  It is oversized just like the Action All Stars cards from that year.  This set is a mix of retired and current players.   

I think the Cardinals miss Matt Holliday more than they let on.  He was having a pretty good year for the Yankees until a mysterious illness landed him on the DL. 

Freese is another former Cardinals who is having a nice year. It would be nice for him to have another season in St. Louis before he retires.

Prizm cards look so much better in person than what my scanner shows.  Gomber has struggled somewhat in his first full season at Double A.  At worst he should be a decent LOOGY out of the bullpen.  Carpenter has been more productive since he moved back to the leadoff spot.  He does take a ton of walks, but it would be nice to see his average north of .250 .

I like the 2013 Topps Emerald cards a bit more than 2015 Rainbow foil cards, but it is close.  Wainwright took over being the Cardinals ace once Carpenter retired.  He does have 10 wins this year, but his ERA is above 5.00.  Carlos Martinez will soon be considered the new ace.

Last but not least is a 2015 Topps insert of sweet Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson.  I caught the first couple innings of the celebrity softball game on Monday night.  Rickey is still being Rickey.  He hit a leadoff home run and did his famous home run trot/bounce. 

Once again thanks to Jason for a great bunch of cards.

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