Friday, January 12, 2018

How Ironic

Today was suppose to be the start of one of my favorite weekends of the year.  The Cardinals Caravan and Winter Warm Up are always scheduled on MLK weekend in January.  I always take a four day weekend to take advantage of the fun.  Friday is the day we travel to Champaign to catch the free Caravan.  Last year all the caravans were cancelled to due an ice storm in St. Louis.  This year was more of the same.  Only 1 of the 6 caravans was cancelled, but my area received some sleet and snow that caused driving to be a hazard.  I chose not to make the 2 hour drive.  My son was disappointed, but at least he did not have school today.  We should be able to make it to St. Louis for the Warm Up on Sunday and Monday.  

The mail man was able to deliver me a package today from TCDB member KMack.

  Just what I needed today, more snow.

At least this snow completed a team set for me.

Some of the snow was even metallic.  I really hope this is the last fresh snow I see for a few days.

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