Sunday, February 10, 2019

3 = 20,000

One of the many great features of the TCDB website is the ability to track how many cards you have in your collection.  You can keep track of how many cards you have of a certain player, from a certain set, or in my favorite case a certain team.  After receiving a 3 card trade from member Detfan6897, I noticed I went past the 20,000 total of Cardinals in my collection.  I know this number may not be 100% accurate as I am sure I have made a few mistakes logging my collection onto the site, but just to see the number was pretty neat.  Hear are the 3 that put me over the hump.

This is my first 2019 Rainbow foil card.  The bottom 1983 insert is from 2018 Topps Update.  Hicks should be back in the bullpen this year, but his role is yet to be determined.  I have heard some talk about him being a closer, but I cannot see the Cardinals trusting such a young pitcher with that role. 

Topps must have taken this 2018 Archives Coming Attraction insert photo very early last year.  I do not recall Bader having such short hair.  He has sported the long goldy locks for a long time. 

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