Monday, February 11, 2019

Not Quite a Mini Trade

It is no secret that I do not care much for mini cards.  I hate the storage issue that goes with them along with the greater chance of them being lost and/or damaged.  Last week I was going through my inserts and found a Cal Ripken GQ mini that had fallen under the row of regular inserts in my 1600 count box.  Of course one of the corners was dinged even though it was in a penny sleeve.  As a rule unless it is a Cardinal, I traded them as soon as I get them.

Of course I do not turn away a mini Cardinals if I need it.  I just do not go out of my way trying to find them.  But if I find someone who has other Cardinals I need, I will work out something for the minis also.  Thus was the case with a recent trade with TCDB member engine614.

2013 Topps Mini is not a true mini in my opinion like the GQ or A&G cards.  These are more like half cards.  I do not find very many of these for trade.  I am guessing that has a lot to do with it being an online product only.  At least I do not have to search anymore as these 5 completed a team set. 

The 2017 Archives 1959 Bazooka Piscotty is also not a true mini card, just a normal one cut in half.  Not a bad card, but the 2014 Topps blue parallel is more my style.  Give me colored borders to chase anyday. 

These were the last 2017 Pro Debut Cardinals I needed.  As you can see from the uniforms, the birds on the bat theme holds true for most of the Cardinals minor league teams.  The Peoria Chiefs and State College Spikes do not have any version of the logo, but the top 3 teams in Memphis, Springfield, and Palm Beach all do.

I have seen a ton of 2016 Bowman Chrome Draft cards, but still need 4 more Cardinals.  I guess I just assumed I had them.

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