Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Just Some Fun Cards

You may have noticed from my trade posts that I am not a high end collector.  Sure I will add the cool autograph or vintage Cardinal to my collection when I can, but I am just as content hunting out those cards with little value that may not be seen everyday or are just fun to have.  A recent trade with TCDB member klimczak brought in quite a few of these cards.

What is more fun than a bunch of 1987 Topps Stickers.  I had some of these when I was younger that I put on 800 count boxes.  Neither the boxes or the stickers are in very good shape.  These will stay in the pack pulled condition unless I happen to get duplicates.

Ozzie was the last card I needed for the 1992 Topps Kids team set.  I doubt if anyone ever thought of the Wizard as a big muscular guy, but he fills out the uniform nicely.

The second Ozzie card is from the 1995 Fleer All Star insert set.  As I stated yesterday, I am not a big fan of the double sided cards, though I understand why Fleer did it with this set.  Frank Thomas is on the Jefferies card, while Cal Ripken is on the other side of the Ozzie card. 

The 1994 Upper Deck Heroes Lou Brock shows him hitting at an old timers game.  Lou has slowed down quite a bit since having his left leg amputated below the knee in 2015 due to diabetes, but he still makes a few appearances in St. Louis during the baseball season. 

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