Thursday, August 22, 2019

2 PWE Trades

Yesterday's mail brought a couple of trades that arrived in PWE.  These are growing more popular as collectors are finding safe ways to ship without using a bubble envelope.  I have started using them more also for trades involving just base or low dollar inserts.  Most of the time you can save up to $2.  On to the cards.

First trade came from TCDB member Hundomatic.

I was able to finish the 2019 Bowman Platinum team set and get a nice Dakota Hudson insert.  Hudon will most likely lead the Cardinals in wins this year, but would be the #3 starter if the Cardinals make the playoffs. 

I also finished the 1990 Topps Glossy Send In set, although there is only 3 Cardinals in the set.  The Pujols brought my 2018 Archives needs down to a McGwire short print.  The 2019 set came out yesterday.  Wonder which I will finish first ?

The second PWE came from TCDB member grim25. 

The Ozzie is a 1994 Pre Production Finest card.  Not sure how it was released.  The 1996 Metal Checklist scanned very badly.  I am one of those collectors who includes the checklist with a team set.  Weird I know.

Ankiel never had the chance to see if he could come back as a reliever this year thanks to an injury.  I doubt he tries it again, but it would have been fun to see him try.


  1. Those Glossy Send Ins are really nice. Haven't seen much of them in a while.

    I should ask grim25 how he safely shipped a relic to you in a PWE; I tried shipping two relics to Gavin in a PWE and they both arrived creased ;/

    1. The Ankiel was in a top loader that was taped at the top, then taped to a thin piece of cardboard. Postage was 70 cents for the non machine envelope. This is becoming the most popular method to send 9 cards are less. I have yet to received a damaged card sent this way.

    2. Oh! I didn't realize top loaders could be shipped in a PWE for 70 cents. Thanks for the tip.