Tuesday, September 10, 2019

1 For the Archives and Some Inserts

Despite my lack of trading time, I did receive a second trade package last weekend.   This one came from TCDB member billwill305. 

This card completes my 2018 Archives team set.  Funny I received this sp just a few days after getting the Pujols sp.  I hope it does not take me a year to finish the 2019 set. 

What better way to celebrate his birthday than to show 2 Paul Goldschmidt cards.  These are my first 2019 A&G minis.  Goldy hits well in Coors Field, so I hope he can help the Cardinals win 2 or 3 games vs Colorado this week. 

I also received my first 2019 Topps Chrome refractors, a sepia and a prism.  The prism refractors are better in my opinion.

Just like my other package, this one contained a sweet Bob Gibson card.  This 2019 Stadium Club Red Foil looks a lot better than yesterday's Heritage Flashback.  Classic Gibby release to the first base side of the rubber.