Friday, April 29, 2016

Another Trade Package with more Molina

I commented last week how most of my recent trade packages contained at least 1 Yadier Molina card.  He is one of the more popular Cardinals that does have a card and/or insert in most sets, but there are quiet a few more hardcore Molina collectors out there than me.  My streak continued early this week when I got a trade package from Ron of the Trading Bases group.  I mailed him some of the Pirate cards I got signed at Indianapolis a few weeks ago. 

This package contained 2 Molina cards from 2016 Donruss and 1 from Diamond Kings. I like the painted look of this year's Diamond Kings cards.  Panini seems to have used all catching poses to get past airbrushing the logos. 

This Piscotty Rated Rookie finished my Donruss set.  The lack of logo on the helmet really sticks out on this card. 

These are my first 2016 Opening Day cards. I love the looks of the blue parallels, will have to track some down.

I found it kind of funny that I got 2 different Lankfords  in the package.  I had the Ray Lankford, but this is my first Cole Lankford.  Cole is an outfielder in rookie ball right now who may see single A before the end of the year.  Hard to tell from the scan, but the die cut is numbered to 200.

Jaime Garcia is healthy for the second year in a row, which is big news.  He has had a Jekyll and Hyde type of year so far.  He threw a 1 hit shutout with 11 strikeouts, but has also gotten bombed twice.  At least he is healthy so far.  I am not for sure who the Cardinals would have for a 5th starter if someone got hurt right now.

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