Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PWE x 3

Yesterday's mail brought a trio of trade packages, all the plain white envelope variety.  I know others do not like using this method, but if it is a low dollar trade with only a handful of cards I am all for it.  Any way you can find to stretch your hobby dollar is usually a good idea.

I swapped a couple of 2016 Topps Gold cards from my dime box find for these 2 2015 Topps Update Gold cards.  If you blinked you would have missed Cishek in a Cardinals uniform.

I traded 2 more of the 2016 Gold cards for this 3 pack of team set hits.  The 1986 Sportsflic card is Ozzie Smith.  It would have been nice for Topps to make 1 Heritage card with both Cardinals prospects on it, but that would be to logical for them.

My favorite package contained these 2 Molina cards.  The one on the left is a2015 Panini Elite All Star Salutes card.  It looks much better in person.  The 2015 Prizm card is a Camo parallel numbered to 199.  Panini did a great job with the various parallels from this set.  They even chose a photo that did not require airbrushing the logos off.  I love when the card shows cathers in their tools of the trade.

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