Thursday, April 7, 2016

Solace in Losing

The Cardinals have not started the season well, going 0-3 for the first time since 2007.  The Pirates will be a good team this year, most likely a good chance of making the playoffs, but I have a hard time believing Juan Nicasio is that good of a pitcher.  He may prove me wrong.  The number of strikeouts through 3 games is very alarming, as is the sloppy play in the field.  I guess there is no where to go but up, at least I hope it can't get any worse.  At this rate the Cardinals could get no hit this weekend in Atlanta.

While watching the game last night, I did find comfort sorting a trade package that arrived while I was on vacation.  I have traded with Trading Bases member Stu numerous times.  He always does the leg work for these trades, find cards from my team want lists while also going through my tradelist for things he can use.  His latest package knocked off 50 cards from my wantlist, some as old as 1970. 

These 6 1970 Topps cards are in excellent condition.  Some may be a little off center, but there are not creases and most off the corners are very sharp.  Torre would spend parts of 6 seasons with the Cardinals, winning the MVP award in 1971.  He would also managing the Cardinals from 1990-1995.  He was a great player and manger, but never made the playoffs with the Cardinals. 

2 more Torre cards, these from 1972.  Both have some flaws, but still are in decent shape.  I am not very picky when it comes to the condition of early 1970s cards.  As long as all the card is there and there is no major creases, I am happy.

Topps put out some funny stickers in 1983, like the top right card featuring Darrell Porter's midsection.  I believe you had to put together 2 or 3 stickers to get the full action pose.

I always had a fondness for the Cardinals outfielders of the early 1990s. Sure my favorite player Ray Lankford was a mainstay, but players like Jordan and Gilkey were good all around players.  These 3 cards completed my 1995 Emotion set.
These 1999 Skybox Molten Metal cards did not scan well.  They have a Finest refractor like finish to them. 
I have quite a few holes in my Heritage teams sets, ranging from obscure pitchers like Stephenson to the various SPs.  Amazing how thin and young Molina looks on this 2004 Heritage card. 
I think the sting of Pujols leaving St. Louis is all but gone.  The Cardinals used the 2 draft picks they received for losing him to pick Michael Wacha and Stephen Piscotty.  Although Pujols has been injured for much of his time in Anaheim, I doubt he would have put up the same .300, 30 home runs, and 100 rbi seasons he had for the Cardinals.  It will still be interesting to see what type of reception Pujols gets if the Angels ever come to St. Louis.  The 2007 Topps is the red letter variation that finished a team set. 

I received a few other cards from Stu, but some were not scan worthy such as a few checklists.  I am one of those people who adds the checklists to team sets.  Guess I am weird that way. 


  1. I watched the first game but after that I couldn't stomach another-then I read how woefully poor they have been playing and I have to psych myself up to watch one for a while. Can't blame Mike-you have to dance with the ones you have. brrr...

  2. I am starting to wonder if Mabry needs to be replaced. Since McGwire left as hitting coach, the team cannot score runs.