Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Coupon Got Me

Back in the fall of 2002 my wife and I made the decision that our double wide trailer was not a big enough place to start a family in, so we decided to build a house.  We moved the double wide in June of 2003 because we wanted to attach the existing garage to our new house.  Construction started on July 5 with the digging of our basement.  After four long months of living in a camper, we moved into the new house a week before Thanksgiving.

So what does this have to do with baseball cards you may ask.  Long story short, the monthly mortgage took a good bite out of the card budget.  Before the house, I would buy a hobby box every month or two.  I cannot even tell you the last time I busted a hobby box since then.  I will get the occasional blaster box from Wal-Mart, but busting packs is almost as rare as a Adam Wainwright quality start this year. 

Monday night I had the chance to sort some cards sitting on my desk and came across the coupon that was included with the Topps Marketside cards.   I had to go to the store for dog food anyway, so I took the coupon along hoping to find some 2016 Bowman.  No such luck though, so I decided to use the $1 off value pack coupon for some 2016 Gypsy Queen.

The base cards feature the typical border Gypsy Queen has used the past few years.  I like the simple design and the way the red text stands out.  I did not get any sps or Cardinals from the base cards, so all of these are for trade:  16-22-33-47-51-96-127-136-141-145-152-223-233-270

 I like the look of the blue frame parallel cards compared to the white border from last year.  Once again all of these are up for trade.
7 Corey Seager
12 Jose Bautista
69 Edwin Encarnacion
86 Adrian Beltre
98 Carlos Rondon

Each pack contained a mini card, although each was different.  The Robbie Ray was the only regular mini.  Yep, all of these are for trade also.
282 Robbie Ray
MVP Cal Ripken Jr
Purple 200 Brian McCann 206/250

The only insert in the 3 packs was also my only Cardinal.  This is the same photo Topps has used for other Musial cards, but at least they included more of the background.  I do believe Power Alley is a new insert for Gypsy Queen. 

This was the first pack of cards I opened in 2016, not counting the Marketside cards.  I do miss the thrill of busting a pack, but not the letdown of not getting what I paid for.  All of these are nice cards, but not really worth the $3 per pack price.  I am a sucker though, so will most likely use the $2.50 blaster box coupon when Bowman does arrive.

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