Thursday, July 18, 2019

One More From Monday

The last of my Monday mailday recaps features the largest package.  This one came courtesy of TCDB member yankeedad69.  Once again it was full of Cardinals and Altuves.

I received a colorful assortment of Topps Chrome refractors.  Pink, Sepia and a regular Carlos Martinez that I somehow already had but did not have logged on my site.  Maybe Kerry at Cards on Cards can use this one.

More shiny Cardinals, but not the refractor type this time.  The Flaherty 2018 Optic Red and Yellow is my favorite.  He had turned in 2 very nice starts but has nothing to show for them except for no decisions.  Just when he stops giving up home runs, the Cardinals stop scoring for him.  Thus is the life of an MLB pitcher.

My son scored a nice assortment of base and inserts of Altuve.  He loved the background on the Platinum Presence card.  Just like me, he was not a huge fan of the mini Fortune Teller card.  At least this one is a little bigger than the A&G cards.

That wraps up 5 of my 6 Monday packages.  The 6th just had 1 base Altuve card that I will not bore you with.  Next week should bring a few more incoming trades.  Gotta get em done while I have the spare time.

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