Friday, February 10, 2017

2 in Two Weeks

I have been a member of Trading Card Database for two weeks now.  I am slowly added my Cardinals collection to the site.  I have a wantlist and havelist for all the base cards, and am slowly adding all the inserts, autos, and game used.  A nice feature of the site is the ability to match your wantlist with another collector's  trade list.  I was able to complete my second trade on the site after another trade sent a nice stack of Cardinals my way in return for a few Indians cards.

 I love the minor league cards.  Back in the late 1980s the Cardinals Double A team was located in Springfield, IL.  It has been located in Springfield, MO since 2005. 

I believe the 1989 Score Young Superstar cards were inserted in rack packs much the same as Topps All Star Glossy cards.

 It is always nice to receive Conlon cards.  Although they are cheap, they are not the easiest to find.  I think there are over 30 Cardinals in the 1992 team set.

Score need not release too many brands other than flagship and Traded. You can see why with this rather bland 1995 Summitt card. 

I always considered Ozzie Smith to be the King of the Infield.  US Playing cards did too back in 1991.

1998 Pinnacle was a funny brand.  At first sight you think it is a nice looking set, but turn the card over and that is where the confusion can set in.

Look closely and you will see the Home Stats notation.  Each card had a Home, Away, and Career stats version. 

I wish Topps would bring back Total or come up with a set that featured the entire 24 man roster in one release.  I know they somewhat do that when you include all the team cards from Series 1, Series 2, and Update, but it is not the same. 


  1. Agreed x 1000 on the Topps Total revival - I want a complete representation of my team and utility infielders/LOOGYs need love too! Also, love that Ozzie playing card oddball.

    1. Any idea why it ever went away?

    2. If I remember correctly, Total was a set aimed at the budget minded collector. Other than Opening Day and Bunt, Topps seems more concerned with making the mid to high dollar products.

  2. Did I miss 2016 Topps Opening Day? Oh, well-