Saturday, February 25, 2017

Spring Has Started!

Although spring training started last week for most teams, today feels like the real first day with the start of games.  I watched the entire 9 innings of the Cardinals 8 to 7 loss to the Marlins.  Fowler got on base twice and Matt Carpenter drove him in both times.  I hope this is a pattern that happens a lot this season.  Another positive was an error free game for the Cardinals.  Last spring the team played bad defensive baseball that carried over to the regular season. 

My mail today also brought another sign of baseball season getting closer.
My season tickets for the Peoria Chiefs arrived today.  It does sound strange to be a season ticket holder for a team that is 3 hours away from me, but the Chiefs make things very easy.  I bought a flex plan that includes 20 undated dugout tickets that can be used at any time in any quantity.  I can take 20 people to one game, or take 4 people to 5 games.  I have to definite dates picked out yet, but hope to make a couple of weekend series in late summer once my children are finished playing.  One major benefit I am looking forward to is the chance to take batting practice on the field.  May have to break out the video camera for that.


  1. I have never been a a VIP. I actually forgot they were on. Good to read they had no errors-I will get my head out of La Liga soccer and in to baseball.

  2. Oh man, you need to share that batting practice.

    1. I will be happy to get a few balls out of the infield. Never played organized baseball, but have plenty of year of slowpitch softball experience.