Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Warm Up Clean Up

Over the past couple of weeks I have been putting my card room back in order.  I have scanned and filed away all the cards from my January and February trade packages.  I also discovered a 2016 Springfield Cardinals team set that I had purchased at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up that I have not had a chance to open yet.  Here are a few of the notable players from that set.

Rowan Wick is Rick Ankiel in reverse.  He was drafted as an power hitting outfielder and enjoyed some success in rookie ball before failing to hit in A ball.  He was converted to a pitcher in 2015 but hurt his arm before he saw much game action.  He pitched very well for Springfield in 2016 and was invited to the Arizona Fall League.  He throws in the upper 90s, but does not have much of a secondary pitch yet. 

This might be one of the first baseball cards ever featuring a player holding a hunting knife.  Springfield hosted the 2016 Texas League All Star Game where Voit would win the Home Run Derby.  In my book he is a right handed Matt Adams.  Both are big first baseman who can hit for a decent average with power.  I doubt if Voit will have as much success as Adams though since he is already 26 years old and yet to play in Triple A. 

Dejong was a 4th round draft pick in 2015 who spent all of 2016 in Double A after skipping High A.  He showed good power, but batted .260.  The Cardinals plan to move him to Triple A in 2017 and start at shortstop.  He has the arm strength to play there, but I am not sure about the range. 

Bader was a 2015 3rd round draft pick who also skipped High A.  He started on fire in Double A last year and earned a promotion to Triple A Memphis.  The level of competition was better there and he ended the year back in Springfield.  He should start 2017 back in Triple A Memphis with an outside shot of making it to St. Louis if an outfield or two gets hurt.

I have mentioned Weaver in a few other posts in recent weeks.  I would be surprised if he makes the Cardinals opening day roster.  With only 1 start in Triple A last year, he could use more experience before he becomes a consistent Major League pitcher.  I would not be surprised if he spends a year or two in the bullpen before getting a chance to start.

This is my favorite card and player from the set.  It would be interesting to find out if Kelly hit a home run during this at bat, or if it was a mile high pop up.  All signs point to Kelly spending some time in Triple A this year before you becomes Yadier Molina's full time backup.  With Molina being a free agent after this year, it will be interesting to see how the Cardinals handle Kelly.  I believe the Cardinals will resign Molina for 3-4 years so he can retire as a Cardinal.  In the last year or two he may turn into Kelly's backup. 


  1. I was worried because the first part of the Junior Redbirds depressed me and didn't fill me with hope. But the last half rescued the day. It is really a sharp set and the photography is really solid.

  2. I like the Weaver card with him wearing a single digit number. Kind of digging that trend with pitchers. He did that at Florida State too.

    1. Not too many big league pitchers have the single digit. Leake #8 comes to mind. I guess it is a fad like NFL wide receivers were numbers not in the 80s.