Friday, February 17, 2017

Continuing the Cards on Cards Trade Post

Next up in my trade recap with Kerry from Cards on Cards are the base cards I needed from the 2000s.

My collection is severely lacking in early 2000s Topps Chrome cards.  I think this Tatis is just the 4 or 5th one I have from the 2000 set.  This card highlights the 2 grand slams he hit in one inning, both off of Chan Ho Park.  I say Tatis at a card show last summer and was surprised how small he was.  I stand 6 foot tall and he was a good inch or two shorter.  He sure packed in a punch in his small frame.

I like the 2002 Donruss Originals sets.  It has a nice selection of players and uses some classic retro designs.  Sort of their answer to Topps Archives.  I hated the fact Fleer put out so many sets in the early 2000s that had #ed rookies.  This 2002 Focus is not numbered thankfully.  Just like the 2000 Chrome set, I have very few 2002 cards.   

Hard to believe I still need common Topps Opening Day cards, but I do.  Same goes for Bazooka.  Vina was a solid second baseman and leadoff hitter for the Cardinals from 2000-2003.  I would guess most fans remember him being the victim of an Albert Belle forearm shiver while he was playing for the Brewers.

Womack took over for Vina in 2004, but only lasted one season.  Hoffpauir played 8 games for the Cardinals in 2009 before signing with the Blue Jays in the offseason.  He would play only 13 more games in the Majors the rest of his career.

From the looks of these 3 cards 2005 was the year of the white border.  I like the Topps Rookie Cup design the most.  It was nice to see Topps use a different photo than what was on the player's rookie card. 

2008 Finest has to be one of the ugliest Finest designs Topps ever produced.  The border is terrible and the photo is cropped too much.  Niko Vasquez made it to Double A Springfield before being released in 2012.  Last I knew he was playing independent ball in Marion, IL.

If looks could kill Joel Pineiro would be Freddy Krueger.  This is the black border parallel of 2009 O-PEE-CHEE.  Black and yellow on a card does not look very good to me. 

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