Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Source of Trading

I am not for sure how long I have been trading online.  I believe I got my start in the mid to late 1990s on the Beckett website.  After the site became all about the money, I joined The Bench trading group in 2003.  I have made over 1000 trades on that site since then, but have slowed down recently as some long standing trade partners have left.  It seems a majority of the new members are more the investor type than collectors.  I am also a member of Trading Bases.  It has around 50-75 active traders who love to trade.  There are quiet a few traders who will send you cards without telling you and expect nothing in return.  I may not be the most prompt at return fire, but I always try to do so.  It has been almost 2 years since I started this blog and have had the pleasure of trading with numerous other bloggers.  Bloggers are a lot like Trading Bases members who send packages without warning.  It is almost like Christmas morning sometimes when you open the mailbox to find a padded envelope.

Two weeks ago I decided to join Trading Card Database.  I have used the site a few times to identify oddball cards.  I like the fact you can search for a card by team, player, or set and often find a picture of the card.  You can also enter a trade list, want list, and a have list of all your cards that other members can search.  Last week I completed my first trade there.  I sent a handful of Giants to another collector for 5 Cardinals from my set needs.

This is my first 2001 Donruss Signature card.  Even before I had a mortgage and kids to pay for, this brand was too rich for my blood. 

This is a 1985 Topps Circle K card.  I had the Stan Musial card from the set, but was unsure what it was.  The Mize nicely finished the team set. 

My favorite cards from the package were these 1981 Kellogs cards.  These 3 make up the team set.  These are not as narrow or rigid as earlier Kellogs cards, but there are still nice to have.  A lot of yellow and red going on with these.

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