Monday, February 13, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday Wins

It has been one week since the Patriots won the Super Bowl.  I did not really care who won the game, but was somewhat rooting for the Falcons.  I like how Matt Ryan plays and handles himself.  I cannot recall hearing a bad thing about him.  But alas, Tom Brady pulled out some magic and won another title.  Like many Americans, I had some money on the game.  I had $10 in our super bowl grid at work.  The missed extra point in the 3rd quarter cost me $25.  Damn kickers

I was surfing EBAY while watching the game hoping to find some good deals that I could spend some potential winnings on.  I found a couple of Cardinals autos for $10 that helped soften the blow of the mixed extra point.

Hudson was the 34th overall pick in the 2016 draft.  He was the pick the Cardinals received when Jason Heyward signed with the Cubs.  He appears to be on the so-called "Wacha Plan"  where the Cardinals promote a recent draftee very quickly.  He appeared in a handful of Double A games at the end of the season.  He should see time in Triple A this year with an outside shot at St. Louis if there are many injuries in the bullpen.

Jones was a second round draft pick in 2016.  He appeared in rookie ball at the end of last season.  I would guess he has a good chance of opening the season in Class A Peoria. 

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